Best Fiverr competitors or alternatives in 2021 

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr has a special connection with me because that’s the first place where I started earning some money online. 

What makes Fiverr so special is that people from different parts of the world can sign up to sell and buy services they like and want.

The price starts at a mere $5 and goes up from there. The platform is particularly famous because almost all the services you can imagine under thesun, you can purchase on Fiverr.

Sellers post their skills and the work they are skilled at. Buyers can avail of these services. These range from logo creation to business card design, writing simple articles and more.

What are Fiverr alternatives or Fiverr competitors?

Here’s the list of the top 5 competitors I found that can be called the proper fiverr competitors.


Upwork scarcely works on the same pricing model as Fiverr does.

With Covid the platform has been getting more and more exposure. According to their data the site has over 12 million registered freelancers and 5 million registered clients. The platform boasts of 3 million jobs posted annually and clears $1 billion in revenue annually.

The gig economy is where people leave the comfort of full time jobs to pursue the comfort of remote jobs and freelance jobs.

If as a client you want to hire someone there is a 2.75% processing fee on top of the payment to the freelancer for the transaction.

The fee is calculated as a percentage on top of the payment made to freelancers.

The typical hourly rate is much higher than what you see on Fiverr. It can go from $10/per hour to $150 per hour for programming and high end freelance writing jobs.

To get the best bang for the buck on a platform like Upwork do this:

Clients make the all common mistake of not writing a clear cut job description. Lacking that you cannot expect freelancers to do their jobs properly. This is one essential thing to attract the right freelancers, and make the recruiting process as painful as possible.

You can pen the required objectives for the project and identify the list of tools or skills needed or the experience for the job.

Ask for details in the form of deliverables and also the deadlines. Also in the description add a word an identifier say rabbit that identities if applicants have read the whole thing.


PeoplePerHour is the closest to Fiverr in its business model. Even though all the sites above and below cater to clients looking for freelancers People Per Hour might be the closet you’d find similar to Fiverr. It doesn’t have any special discipline where gigs are offered.

Peopleperhour vers freelancers and as a result the scams are the lowest in this platform. Fiverr doesn’t really do that.

The usability and pricing is similar but a tad higher and you will find yourself with aha moments that say yeah this is like Fiverr.


With FlexJobs there are a lot of categories and gigs in all these categories for you to choose from.

Finding a gig and doing a job is easy as a result of that. There are hundreds of flexible remote job listings you can use form.

Flexjobs doesn’t put you in the middle of unending number of ads, broken links, repeated posting of the same job or even scams. FlexJobs takes care of that. This makes the gig search experience fantastic.


  • FlexJobs is the best possible site to search for hand-screened jbos that are professional and also for part time jobs. There are over 5460 companies with 29275 jobs listed.
  • All these jobs are hand-screened and before you you have the opportunity to find the best jobs with easy steps.
  • There are all over 50 gig categories to choose from from freelance to full time listings.

FlexJobs is not free to sign up.


sites like fiverr - solidgigs

If you value your time, SolidGigs is the best choice. SolidGigs stands out by providing you with a number of daily alerts listing the top 1 percent jobs on the site. The jobs are chosen by the Solidgigs team and other freelancers.

There are also over 127 courses, videos, lessons, tools and templates and other resources to help improve skills and further your freelance career.


  • The daily job alerts will save a bunch of time. Don’t need to spend hours to search for the job that fits your skills.
  • Aside from job listings there are various skill training available with training materials.

You need to pay subscription fee of $19 per month.

sites like fiverr - upwork is one of the biggest marketers for freelancers online.

If you can’t find someone ask the Freelancer team to search for the correct person and the team will find a proper match for you.

Browse through their profiles and the work they did in the past and choose the expert you want to work with.

Freelancer also gives you a virtual workspace where you can collaborate with different team members. The payments are handled by the Freelancer team.

  • The platform lists a number of gigs. There are hundreds of job categories starting from social media management to web design.
  • The extensive reach means a large number of clients
  • There is scope for full time work as well.

When you are starting it can be difficult to get work since you need to build your profile up with reviews and 5-star ratings.