DECEMBER 2021 review or just Rocket is one of the best managed WordPress hosting services money can buy. It’s suited to businesses of all sizes.

websites of all sizes. It provides you an easy-to-use control panel, blazing fast speed, and built-in website security suite.

It is the only Hosting service on this planet that provides premium services like CDN, WAF, Image Optimization, Font optimization, and more for every website at no additional cost.

How is different from other Managed WordPress hosting services?

No other managed WordPress hosting will not give you WAF for free. But will give you WAF, malware removal and other performance and secure options for free.

It is the main reason why we have shifted to

Why Choose is one of the best WordPress hosting that offers a good control panel, blazing fast load ing speed and built in security.

The servers are on Cloudflare’s enterprise plan. If you buy any plan from then you’ree automatically eligible for all of Cloudflare Enteprise plan benefits for no additional cost. No extra configurations either. You get the web application firewall, image compression and CDN services. Review is one of the best WordPress managed hosting platforms money can buy. It’s a boon for anyone wants to keep their sites up and secure. And the price for at which they do this for you is a pittance. There’s built in site security and it doesn’t cost you anything. That’s another big advantage that you don’t need additional WordPress security plugins just to beef up security.

That’s what makes Rocket a hit.

There are several pros, cons and features of

Good page speed

The speed of a test site is generally in the highest echelons of web speed. The load time is in microseconds and several of our sites are above 80.\

In addition if you use some caching plugin that minifies css, reduces http requests and delay loading of images and javascript then you can take the loading time down even further. optimizes your WordPress site content without any plugin or further optimization needed from your need. Once optimization is done you can show the website content to all website visitors. 

You get a near instant improvement in PageSpeed scores and also YSlow scores. Otherwise they will refund your money.

The host comes with additional features like Full page caching, third party script proxying, free cdn with 200+ pops, enterprise servers, fewer DNS lookups and Guaranteed resources.

Your site is fully secure with them.

The biggest advantage with is you never need to worry about your site’s security. The full suite covers the security at no additional cost from you. It’s one of the only hosts that provides this feature for free.

You don’t need any premium plugins for securing your data and content.

What do you get?

Firewall protection

Free malware scanning and patching

Brute force login attempt protection

Bot prevention


You get both manual and automatic backups with the tool. So you don’t need any premium backup plugins to help you. however doesn’t support backups on external storage. Not even Google drive.

Every 24 hours they automatically backup your site and all the site’s content. That backup is saved for 14 days. You can restore the site from the backdate with the restore option.

If you delete your site by mistake the backup option is there to restore your site.

So no worries on that end.

There’s also the feature of using manual backup options to create backups when you want it.

You can use this option when you’re updating WordPress or installing a new plugin or theme.

Staging mode, PHP autoupdate

It’s possible to create a staging site from the cpanel itself. It will create a staging environment. It can be quick or slow depending on how large the site is.

You can also make live modidications on the staging site and click and apply the same to your WordPress site in real time.

You can also update WordPress core, them updates and plugin updates.

Cron Jobs

Cron Jobs are meant to automatically schedule tasks.


There’s also unlimited free migration for your site. You need to place a support ticket through the live chat section. They can take care of as many sites as you want to migrate. You can ask them and all they take is a few minutes for the migration to be done. The speed and security that Rocket provides is nothing of the sort we have seen elsewhere.

The control panel has the user in mind

The WordPress control panel is a single interface that allows you access to all the sites. You can seamlessly manage between 1 site to 100 different sites in the interface and switch between sites. You can see a quick overview of the content size and the different sites on the server. The interface is there to launch, develop, stage and boost WordPress site performance.