Top 10 AppSumo Deals in DECEMBER 2021


ReMasterMedia AppSumo Deal

Remastermedia is one of those tools with which you can optimize audio and video and get better sound quality in minutes.

Upload the video or audio files. You can add up to 10 files at a single time.

Remastermedia’s basic plans cost $9 every month. You get the lifetime deal of $59 with Appsumo.

The deal is worth $1920

The deal goes live on December 7, 2020


Airmeet AppSumo Deal

Airmeet is an exclusive platform where you host virtual events and get real-time networking with participants.

Airmeet offers plenty of opportunities to keep your audience engaged. 

Airmeet offers networking opportunities that is quite similar to what you’re going to experience with in person events.

You can get lifetime access with just $79

The typical cost is $99 per month.

The deal value is for $297

By December this deal has been live.

Swipe Pages

Swipe Pages AppSumo Deal

Swipe pages offers AMP based landing page building with which you can create amazing fast loading landing pages optimized for all kinds of devices.

Choose from 40 different templates all optimized for conversions and customize landing pages using the drag and drop interface.

The lifetime access is for $49

You’d have to pay $29 per month usually for the basic plan. With Appsumo you are going to get lifetime access to Swipe Pages for $49 only,

The deal value is $1044 and lifetime access is just $49

Starting from November 9 2020 the deal goes live.


WiserNotify AppSumo

WiserNotify delivers customized social proof notifications. You remember those 10 ebooks sold, this guy from Florida bought this notifications popping up at the far end of a stie.

This is called social proof and generates real time recommendation notifications sourcing data from social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The lifetime access costs just $69. Otherwise you need to pay $16 per month for WiserNotify.

The deal value is for $660

Starting November 20, 2020 the deal goes live.

5. ShortPixel

ShortPixel AppSumo Deal 2020

ShortPixel is an image compressor and reducer that downsizes image file sizes. This improves site performance and gets your ranking up.

ShortPixel offers advanced technology whereby they reduce the file size of an image by up to 90%. This is applicable to all images like JPG, PNG and GIF images.

Shortpixel ensures that the images remain fully ooptimized.

ShortPixel’s plans start at $4.99 per month and with this you can only compress 5000 images a month.

With appsumo the lifetime deal is for just $49 and compress 15000 images per month.

The deal is live from October 26, 2020


Berrycast AppSumo Deal

Berrycast is one good app with which you can record your screen, camera and also get audio all at the same time.

That means you are going to be able to create synced videos all at the same time.

With $59 you’re going to get lifetime access to berrycast for your life.

The typical plan costs $11.99 per month. With Appsumo you get lifetime access for just $59

By november 8 2020 the deal has been live. AppSumo Deal is one tool that powers up many things.

There are hundreds of templates with 200 million media assets like clips and images that you can use. You can use it for hosting marketing campaigns.

Wave video offers 1000 pre designed video templates to choose from and customize the look and feel of videos to your brand.

Get lifetime access to for just $59

WAVE.VIDEO generally costs $39 per month. With appsumo the cost is $59 per month.

The deal starts going live from October 26, 2020


SendFox Deal

SendFox is another email marketing tool for content creators where by you can send and create thousands of customized emails. Almost unlimited.

These attractive emails are simple and beautiful

The lifetime access costs just $49

The plan is for content creators and this is where you can cover all marketing from forms and crm integration to email campaigns and integrations.

The branded emails and landing pages can grow your business while track the performance using the pl;atform.

The deal value is $240 and the appsumo price is $49


SmartTask AppSumo

SmartTask Smarttask gathers communication, information and combines project management all in one place.

The platform is a collaborative interface that offers clarity on what each of your team members is engaged in and when.

Smart Task understand that different team members all have different goals.

The interface view caters to this differed goal setting and enables you to view them from a single place.

The lifetime access is just $49 per month. The basic version costs $6 per month.

The deal value is for $360

The deal goes live by October 2 2020


Spott AppSumo Deal

With Spott interactive content is easy to create and even easier to publish to as many channels as you need.

You can add calls to action, links and tag products to encourage viewers to take an action on the content.

With Spott the lifetime access is for just $%49

The typical cost is over $49 a month but Appsumo gives you lifetime access to Spott.

This deal goes live on Aug 30, 2020