In this post we are going to talk about signing documents digitally

Electronic signatures are a reliable and tamper-proof wayof authentticating the integrity of your document. A work email account on average gets 21 emails on Saturdays and Sundays.


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Most of us don’t have the time to attend to all of this paperwork on the weekend.

But think of it this way. If the email has a vital contract that means you could lose a big deal. This is enough reason to warBut think about this:

What if the email contains a vital contract that could mean closing a big deal? This is enough reason to learn how to electronically sign a document.

Signing documents also helps do away the need to spend hours for signing something. That’s why you need to electronically sign a document.

We will teach you how to sign a document on your phone with a laptop. As bonus we will also show how to sign and document on the phone with your laptop.

But let’s straightening out the differences between two terminologies that are misused that is esignature and digital signature

Is an Electronic Signature the Same as a Digital Signature?

Before we talk about more details, let’s differentiate between electronic and digital signatures.

The two terms are different though people use them interchangeably

An electronic signature is a computer added signature on a document. It show’s the sign’er intent to enter an agreement or contract. A digital signature is also computer added signature but secured with cryuptography

Digitla signatures often create a virtual fingerpritn that itdeitines users and protects them in digital documents.

Though more secure, a digital signature is also more complicated.

Certification authorities regulate digital signatures and are ideal when concerned about the security of your online documents.

Digital signatures and electronic signguare are legally binding.

The focus is on more straightforward but necessary electronic signatures.

DocSign is one of the most popular tool;s for signing a document./ Bu here we talk about alternatives as well

How to Electronically Sign a Document on Your Android Phone

rTo show how to electronically sign something use Signatrely.

It has a pretty straightforward user interface, which makes it hassle-free to use on a small screen.

You can sign documents remotely typing your name and signature and f you carry an image of your signature on your phone, you can upload that to singaturely

Here are the steps to follow”

1. Start by signing up for an account.A free account lets you create 3 signature requests a month. You can also sign for premium account for unlimited signature requests as well.

2. Log in to your account. On the left panel choose Sign and Choose Only me to electronoically sing the document.


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If there are others signing select the me and others option

3. You also get to upload your document. You can import the same from Google drive, One drive Box and Drop[box.


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You can also add email address of people to see the document. Once you upload the content, click on Fill out and sign.

4. Signature will op[en the document to sign electronically


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You can electronically sign the document by typing, drawing, or uploading a picture of your signature. To add, you can sign with your full name and initials in a font of your choice.


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Also add the date, text or checkbox. Dtag and drop the elements in the document tot positon them correct

5. Next click on send to process the document and send to everyone who must sign. A box appears where you can prnt the document you signed elecotrnically


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How to Electronically Sign a Document on Windows

If you want to electronically sign a document using Windows signeasy is an alternative to use. Signeasy provides easy tutorials to electronically sign a document in PDF, excel PNG and HTML or WEord and other file formats. You can sign documents in 24 languages.

Here’s to electronically sign documents in WIndows with signeasy

1. Create an account. After a 7 day trial you can test what signeasy does befopre paying for premium version

2.In the left panel of the dashboard select send for signature

If you need to electronically sign the docuymetn choose the second option. If others need to choose choose send for signature.


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3. You get an option to upload the document. Once upl;oaded, the document opens in a new window form where to sign the same electtronically

From the leftpanel select annotation nto know how to elecroniocally sing the document suing signature or initials. You can also add date tet checkmar or image.


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4. Sign the document by either drawing or typing on the same. ASlso uplpSign the document by either drawing or typing it. You can also upload an image of your signature from your device in PNG format or use one of your saved signatures.


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Click on any of the elements to edit or drag and drop them to reposition them on the document.

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5. Click on ‘Finish’ to process your document. You can then download, print, or share it via email.

How to Electronically Sign a Document on Mac

Anothe e-sign tool is the Xodo sign formerly called eversign. It’s great for amacOS users and easy to use.

\Start by looking for Xodo sign and log into yout acount and quicly start the process to electronically sign the document.

1. In the elft panel select documetns. Then choose New document.

Image via eversign (now Xodo Sign)

2.Choose whether you will only sign the document or will others sign the same

Image via eversign (now Xodo Sign)

In the choose files section upload the document to sign electronically.

You can also upload Word or PDF files. You can also upload directly frond ropvox, OneDrive or Google Drive.

3. Once it is done click on prepare

On the right panel there are many fields you can add to the document. Drag and drop the signature and initials fields to the document.

Image via eversign (now Xodo Sign)

You also get the option to draw type or upload image of your signature.

You can add the other fields as needed.

You can click on save signature to make it avaialbe for electronically signing a document again.

Click on send to send the signed document to your email. If you choose me and others the rest of the signers willget the document for signing.

How to Electronically Sign a Document on ChromeOS

THe esign tool signNow is a great tool for chromebook users to electronically sign the docuymnent

Use these steps to sign document using SignNow.

1. Open the Chromebook’s signOw eltconric signature tool and create an account.

2. Upload the document by clicking on Upload my first document button.

3. Once the document you want to sign elecrtronicallyuplodas select the sign me topjon .
4. Select ‘My Signature’ to electronically sign your document. You can either type or draw it. Or, if it’s in the form of an image on your Chromebook, upload it.

Image via signNow

Alongside the signature, add a date date initials, signature line and more

5. Once done clickon save and close

How to Choose the Right Platform to Electronically Sign a Document

There are plenty of e-signature platforms you can use.

Which features to look for when picking the right tool?

1. Check its Mobile-Friendliness

This is no brained. The platform jhelps you sign documents anywhere and anytome/

If a client seeks a contract the best e sign platform will allow yo to sign from the mobile phone.

Esnure that the singing process is mooth for all mobile deives.

2. Consider Speed and Efficiency

An esignature software should make it easier and more convenient to electronically sign documents.

Chekc how long things like uploading oucment,. Processing signed document or uploading handwritten signature takes.

Pay attention to user interface and experience. It takes hours to naviate the app/

3. Integration with Existing Business Applications

Most e sign platforms allow intgarion with other apps. Cekcing if it integrates with your tech stack is important,.

Beside pre built connectors heck if apis can integrate with apps or tools you use.

THe best e sign platform integartes tnto eacisitnf ocumetn