If you use a great webinar software, that means you can easily record, share and follow up with prospects. The right software knows which attendees didn’t show up and sends them a recording of the webinar. 

A good software lets you deliver quality video combined with ways and means to engage with your prospects.

A good software has lead generation tools, survey and polling tools, email automation, live chat and hands free recording options. It can help you align your future goals.

With the best webinar software, recording, streaming video live and getting leads and customers is going to be easy for you.

There are so many webinar hosting and streaming platforms out there. Let’s see which one among these is the best.


Webinarjam is hands down one of the best webinar hosting and streaming platforms in the world right now. The pricing is relatively affordable. The features more than decent and if you want to host a good webinar go with this option over and above everything else.

With webinarjam you can include many interactive options that aren’t common with any other platforms.

Recording: Automatically record every webinar for use with EverWebinar.

Branded pages: Customise your pages for brand consistency.

Interaction: Engage viewers with live chat, polls and a virtual whiteboard.

Presentations: Insert pre-recorded video into your webinars for presentation purposes.

Security: Webinar rooms protected by password.

Analytics: Reporting on your live webinar performance.

Aside from the live streaming itself, the auto-record feature is an absolute winner with WebinarJam. This means every webinar you hold provides evergreen material for your webinar strategy that you can replay with EverWebinar.


This is the second platform we are going to talk about today. It’s an extremely versatile and powerful webinar automatiion tool with which you can build email marketing lists.

Schedule and automate webinar footage that plays at set intervals to recreate the effects of live play.

The goal? Increase engagement and the number of possible attendees. Tell people when the next webinar is scheduled.

Automate webinars and see great results. EverWebinar’s sister company WebinarJam is the first one in the list.

EverWebinar features:

Automate webinars: There are a number of cool features like setting replay at set times throughout the day. You can set the webinar at 3 hours or 1 hour repeat every single day.

Just-In-Time Webinars: For those visiting the webinar page this feature tells them that the webinar is just starting and asks them to sign up right then and there.

Block night-time viewing: Stops the webinar play at night to maintain the trick of live webinars

You can set block dates for blocking webinar play on certain dates

Also detects time zone automatically and plays to people to different time zones.

IN addition there are lots of tools and training material you can use to understand how to use the tool for free.

Integrates with a number of platforms ranging from ActiveCampaign, to getresponse and other email automation tools.

Has analytics to understand how the webinar performed.

#3: GoToWebinar

GoTowebinar is an alternative to WebinarJam. It lets you stream live webinars and send those recordings to attendees once the webinar is over. It has far fewer features compared to other similar automation tools. It limits the number of people who can participate in the webinar. The basic starter plan limits the usage to around 100 participant.

If you want to remove the limits the pricing goes up by a  lot.

Here are the features

Live webinars: Conduct live webinars on the platform and send the recorded event to attendees or those who signed up for the webinar

You can customize landing page forms to invite more people to the webinar.

Send email notifications to people attending the webinar.

Has in built analytics to understand how the webina performed.

Integrate polls, send files and include live chat in the webinar.

#4: WebEx

WebEx hosts a number of features with which you can conduct meetings, online events, training, interactive slideshows and also run team meetings. With its versatility its more than a webinar platform. More so of a ninja tool with multiple features. It gives other tools a run for their money.

WebEx is a ninja tool that help you hold both remote meetings and webinars in tandem. So there are lot of things you could do with it.

With the chat and discussion tools you have an interactive whiteboard to collaborate with remote team members.

The tool lets you upload and share as many files as necessary.

There’s a call back feature that automatically calls registered people to invite the webinar.

It’s main use is as a video conferencing tool.

#5: GetResponse

GetResponse an Israel based company started life as an email marketing platform. But over the years they went on adding new features to their suite. If you want a dedicated all in one platform Getresponse holds the key. You can host webbinars and access basic email automation with the tool.

Here are the features of GetResponse.

Get Response webinar features:

Quick scheduling: Select dates and set custom urls for your webinars. Get started in seconds

THe tool integrates with YouTube letting you publish your webinar on YouTube

Allows automated recording of webinars that you can share with the world.

Boost your views.

Again features like interactive webinars and presentations are another feather to the tool.

You get a detailed analytics dashboard which lets you analyze how your webinar has performed.

The platform is built as an email automation tool but with impressive webinar automation features, the tool stands toe to toe with similar platforms.

It’s a great package.

#6: Demio

Demio is a pretty good webinar platform. It’s a purely webinar platform that can give WebinarJam a run for its money.

Get multimedia and several interactive features to boot. You can also access several customization features.  Tools like Live replays and other features separate it from similar tools.

It’s a slick platform that’s pleasing to the eye. It as the just in time feature that lets attendees think they made it right on time for the webinar.

Demio features:

“Stay registered” series: Allow the people who signed up once to subscribe to all the other future webinars.

Private chat: Send private messages to webinar attendees. You can toggle between private and public message.

Brand your registration page.

Automatic live like replays of your webinar

Deep analytics to understand performacne. It has a host of features for the price that you might not get anywhere else.

#7: ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is a great webinar tool just like WebinarJam or Demio. 

It’s a dedicated webinar tool that sports all the cool features. There’s no automated relay feature which means the webinars aren’t automatically recorded and shown to attendees. That’s a serious lack.

There’s a subaccount feature meaning more than a single person as part of a team can access the account. It’s useful when each one has a part to play and you can assign duties to everyone involved.

Send customized invites, created branded webinars along with waiting rooms.

Record the webinars, download and share them.

Plenty of useful features like interactive presentations and whiteboards. Also include chat.

Get deep analytics on how successful the webinar is.

#8: Livestream

Livestream isn’t a webinar platform. What it does is use feed from more than single camera to create a studi like live streaming effect. With professional audio, high end lighting and other things the set up is ripe for a high end webinar. Something a corporate would do. Stream extremely high quality video production.

Advanced editing: The tools are multiple like autofade, overlaays and pictures with green screen

Social media integration: Reach your audience across Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch and Twitter.

Engage audiences: With a moderated chat feed.

Analytics: Insights into viewership and other key metrics from your Livestream productions.