With you can create, submit, analyze infographics. You also get access to a suite of analytical tools helping you analyze the reach of the piece you created.

The rich collection of images and fonts help you turn your imagination into stunning information rich pieces that never fail to capture attention.

Infographic Bee

Infographic Bee is a place that both aids discovery of infographics and a place where you may submit them for free. The free submission has a waiting period which if you would like to skip can done in favor of a $7 express submission.

The published infographic gets a description and a color palette of choice.

To process the submission click on Submit Infographic button on the left sidebar, fill up a form and you will be redirected to express review option. Hit on skip payment option to carry out free submission.

Flowing Data

FlowingData is a place for scientists, statisticians, data scientists to explore data visualization. You get to submit infographics too.

Daily Infographic

The site as the name suggests features one beautiful infographic every single day. This has enabled them to have a large following with hundreds of thousands of visitors every single day. If your submission gets published you can easily accrue thousands of views.


Flickr is a free image submission site where you can add high-quality images. There are photographers both professional and amateur who upload hundreds of thousands of images every day. You can also submit your infographics.


Slideshare is a place where you can submit slides as well as infographics and drive hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Cool infographics

It highlights data visualization found in magazines and newspapers.

It has quickly become on the the biggest infographic submission sites averaging 300,000 pageviews a month.

Infographic Labs

It’s a design agency based out of Japan. It specializes in creating infographics along with sporting a blog that curates the best infographics on any given topic.

To submit yours visit their contact us page and pitch your infographic. There’s no list of guidelines. Just make sure its your best work.

Media Caffeine

Media Caffeine’s single goal is to curate the best infographics to one place despite who created them.

Quality is what powers submissions on their site and they provide attribution to all creators.


NerdGraph is a self proclaimed source of best infographics. The reality is too far off the tree. But nonetheless its still a great place to share your content and see the thriving community.

Infographic submission is free and if it passes review the administrators will even add it to the homepage.

Infographic Journal

Their focus is on curating the best infographics on the internet.

What differentiates them from the rest of the pack is they don’t approve every single application that comes through their doors.

They only accept the cream of the best.

The contact process is as such: You should contact them and point out interesting projects. Leave your email address name and URL if you want to be attributed when pitching your own piece.

It’s a data visualization resource.

There are hundreds of infographics listed on every topic under the sun from sports, to healthcare, to iOT and everything in between.

Infographics submitted will be added to the right category and displayed there right at the top until a new submission takes the place.