Discovering why there’s wp-admin redirection issue and refresh error.

When you login with the correct credentials the wp-admin page refreshes automatically and you get returned to the same page again and again.

There are several reasons behind why this might happen to you and arriving at the cause of the problem can help you.

There are several known reasons which might occur and force wp-admin to redirect either to the homepage, wp-login page (refresh error) or a 404 page in the worst-case scenario.

1. Plugin Conflict

Plugins and the most likely culprits are WordPress security plugins. Hidden login url slug, 404 managers, wordfence tend to create conflicts with other plugins on your site.

To check if the plugins are indeed causing the issue go to your ftp account. FTP is file transfer protocol that can help you connect to the server with admin access.

‘FIlezilla is a great notion. To login with ftp get your ftp access credentials

Download and install filezilla on the pc.

Login to the server.

Go to the wp content folder iun the public.html folder.

In the plugins directory delete the plugins one by one. Once you have deleted the first one go and login., See if the issue resolves itself. If not delete the second plugin and go on like this for every plugin there is.

This can solve the issue.

2. Theme Conflict

In much the same manner that plugins can result in problems, themes can also cause many major problems for you.

Themes can result in wp-admin redirect issues.

To check if a theme update has resulted in the error, change the functions.php file. You need to do the same thing you did while checking with plugins. Login to fit and locate the themes folder and delete the themes file.

Try and login now and see if the problem is solved for you nwo. 

3. Reach Out To Your Web Hosting Support

If deleting the plugins and themes files doesn’t work you must reach out to your web hosting support team. 

But before that you need to check the php admin area. The php my admin is used to access the mYsql database and mariadb database. THe wordpress database runs on MySQL and MariaDB.

To confirm if the host causes the problem, launch php my admin and access the mysql database.

If you succeed the servers and host are working well.

4. .htaccess File Corruption

The problems could also arise in your .htaccess file. .htaccess is file that handles the server requests between wordpress and browsers. Sometimes due to myriad reasons it can get corrupted. Restoring the .ht access to previous state is however is eays.


Login to ftp client and take a backup of the current .htaccess file and delete the corrupt file from the server.

Check back if you can login or not. Go to settings and get to permalinks. Don’t change anything click save. This generates a new .htaccess file for you.

Site url error

Updating the site irl can solve the ussr.

  1. Login to your FTP client area
  2. Locate the WP-Config file
  3. Take a backup of it

Edit the file and add this code.


Replace the “” with your original domain.

6. Cookies And Cache

If you can’t still login you might need clearing your cache and cookieks. Cookies enable wordpress to authencitcae your account. When you add the remember me chekcfob. These cookies save the user name and password on WordPress. Clear the browser cache and bookie field.

Then close and restart the browser once again,

By now, you should have gained your access back to the WordPress admin dashboard.