Ultimate Guide to Selling Feet Pics Online Make Money

Selling feet pics to make money sounds like an absurd idea.

However it’s a nice market and can make for supplemtary side income depending on who you cater to. The appetite for foot photography is varied and catering to indivioduial preferneces can help you create a great side income.

There are multiple retailers selling footwear and asmay retailers are there that much is the need for pictures.

Both men and women can sell feet pictures.

Businesses, stock sites, beauty agencies, internet marketers, firms and foot enthusiasts can all sell foot pictures and exhistbit or illustrate them. Uplaodng photos regularly from your home can provide you with passive income.

The Internet’s Most Accurate And Authoritative Guide For 2024

This post willlist all necessary information about selling foot pictures online. We will cover everything from selling on sites to pricing risks and more.

Is Selling Feet Pics Worth It?

Yes selling feet pics can be well worth it for potentially lucrative side hustle. The demand is driven by a large foot fetish community, advertisers,a rtists and businesses.

Potential for Significant Income: FeetFinder Dinder income is in the range of 10k or more a month and some individuals earn even moper.

Low Startup Costs: Gettin started is inepxnsive. You need a grat camera, internet and platform to list your pictures. On some platforms there’s a membership fee.

Flexibility and Convenience: Selling feet pics means you can sell from anywhere.

Anonymity: On many platforms security and anonymity are must have features.

Creative Outlet: For those who love getting their feet out this can be a great and fun wway to express yourself and experiment with multiple styelsa and themes.

Selling feet pics is a worthwhiole venture should you have the time to navigate the challenges in the market.

Make Money Selling Feet Pics Online

Who Buys Feet Pictures?

The market is diverse encompassing buyers of different eneds.

  • Foot Fetish Enthusiasts: A big prtiaon of the market is people with foot fetish who seekc ustomozed pjhotos and or videos that talk to their specific preferences and are willing to pay a repemium for content that aligns with that.
  • Photography Websites: Online platforms that cureate and sellstock images require pictures to diversify collections. These images are sued for different purposes starting from commercial avveriting to art.
  • Pedicure and Foot Care Websites: Businesses speiclaising in foot care can use these pictures to provide visual gudies.
  • Foot Jewelry Vendors: Toe ring sellers, anklets and other foot adornmets need appealing feet pciutures to highlight how their products look like.
  • Shoe Manufacturers:Companies launching new footwear need to show their product on actual feet so there’s ad campaigns.
  • Modeling Agencies: There are agencies looking for foodt modela for highq ality fet pics.

fic needs and preferences of each buyer category.

How To Sell Feet Pics

Embarking on selling feet pictures is unconventional but can belucrative if navigated properl;u. The guide helps you equip you with all tools necessary to turn feet photography into a profitable business.

From mastering the art of photo editing to ensuring the feet are in their best form there are critical things to set feet pictures apart.

Understanding your audience is the cornerstone of selling pictures online. We weill explore how to tailor content to different tastes. We will navigate through world of legal and ethical consideringations.

Builoding apersonal brand is important to quality of picture., We discusiss creating a new style and theme that areonte with your audience.

Building a personal brand is just as important as the quality of your Selling pics isn’t enough. Managing your finances is weually important. Ow to mange your earnings to earn more.

Dealling with competition is ainvoidable aspect of online ventures.

We will explore the process from start to end and give you confidence to prfitl frm foot modelling.

Prpritisint safey is of clear importance here.

Her’es a guide to kickstart your online foot photo sales.

1. Professional Photo Editing to Magnify the Appeal of Your Feet Photos:

Taking photos of your feet in different postio0ns marks the startt of your journey. The equally crucial step is photo editing. This process ehnahcnes the quality of images and fine tiunes lighting.

From professional elditng adobe photoshop and lightoom can help and give you multiple editing opiotns. THere are turotirals available on YouATueb and other platforms.

Theseuides can help with basicetiitng to more avancted stuff.

The key to effective photo editing lies in understanding your objectives. The goal isn’t merely about making your image look attractive; it’s about strategically highlighting the unique features of your feet. Consider the aspects that make your feet special. Is it the shape? The arch? The smoothness of your skin? Or the vibrancy of your nail polish? By identifying these features, you can use the editing tools to accentuate them and create a more impactful image.

Feel free to experiment with the variety of filters these editing tools offer. However, it’s important to maintain a balance. Over-editing can make an image look artificial and might detract from the natural allure of your feet. Aim for enhancements that uplift the image’s aesthetics while preserving its natural essence.

An important aspect of photo editing that often goes unnoticed is the art of cropping. This technique is more than just adjusting the size of your image. Effective cropping can help you eliminate unnecessary background elements, allowing you to focus the viewer’s attention solely on your feet. It can also help you emphasize certain elements or features of your feet. For instance, if you want to highlight your toe ring or your uniquely painted toenails, you can crop the image in a way that draws attention to these details.

Photo editing is a powerful tool in your arsenal when it comes to selling feet pictures online. By learning how to professionally edit your photos, you can significantly enhance the appeal of your images, making them stand out in a crowded marketplace and attracting more potential buyers. Remember, every little improvement you make increases your chances of a sale, so invest time in mastering this skill.

2. Make Sure Your Feet Are Attractive:

Your feet are the most critical pat of selling pics online. Theya re tobe camera ready and this comes with consistent foot care regiment. Regular pedicurres are not juist licru. They are a necesiyt to keep your foot pilishted and porfsonal.

This includes ekeep your nails neatly trimmed.

steps contribute to the overall aesthetic quality of your feet, making them more appealing to a wide range of clients.

For instance nail polish is an accessory to highlight your feet. The color choice should be dependent on preferences of your client. Some are drawn to bold colors that clearly serve a statment. Others appreicae the elegance of bare nails or clear gloss.

The setting for your photograph also play a clear otle. A clean and uncluttered bnackgorund ensuires that your focus should bne on the fet and the appeal goes up. Whether you go for solid colored surface or natural settings. The key everywhere is to avoid distractions. By considering these you can avoid distractions and create big pictures that beg for attention. This also establishes rapport and trust with potential buyers q uite easily.

3. Join a Marketplace for Selling Feet:

Selecting the right paltform is another key to influence your success in selling feet pictures. Thoroughly investigate platforms that specialize in the niche like FeetFinder with a dedicated community and user friendly features.

Then there are broader and bigger platforms like Onlyfans that not only focus on feet pics but give you ready access to a vast and every growing audience and opportunity for additional sales.

Pay attention to their terms of service, the commission they charge on sales and experience of ohter users. These factors help you earn more but also cover for security of your transactions.

When joining muiltiple platforms that can expand your reach and increase your odds of making sales.

Be consistent in cotnent and interactions.

4. Upload Your Foot Pics:

As and when photos are ready the next step is to upload those to your chosen platform. Craft a profile that balances both profitability and marketability. Compose great descriptions for images, add keywords and more. Keep the content fresh and with freqwuent updates to interact with follwoers.

5. Put a Price on It:

Set the right price for your feet pictures requires a balance. If your prices are high, you risk alienating potnetial custoimers. On the other hand pricing too low menas you can undervalue your work. To find the right balance research pricing of other sellers on the platform. Take size of follower base, images and other persoanlzatied ooptions. Offering a varitye of pricing for photo bundles or pacakges can add buyer prefernces and buidgets too.

6. Understanding Your Audience:

Success in anything depends on an understanding of your audience. Potential buyers in any niche come with diverse tastes and backgorunds starting from foot poses to details like nail color as well as skin tone. TO cater to your audience, start with market research. This involves engaging with your adioence and on platforms where your audience hangs out.

Use surveys analyze trends and common requests.

Building trust with your audience is key. Seek feedback and engage in conversations to understand your audience’s preferences. This helps tailor content but also establishes loaylty. A satisfied customer is most likely to come back to you again and can be a repeat buyer. Different cultures have cvvarying nuances. Being ware of these can help you create content that resontes better with the target demographic.

7. Legal and Ethical Considerations:

Safety is of utmost importance and addressing legal challegnes too is important when selling feet pics. Understand copyright laws about oiwnership and usage rights of images and it’s important to set exploioty terms and conitions for the sale.

Respecting others consset is curcial. Always make sure that people in your ohotos have conset and these iamges can be sold and used comemrcial. It’s alos ethicla and legally binding to avoid depicting anyone under the age of 18./

Be mindful of the platfoms you use. Each platofmr has own set of regualtions anmd rules.

This also give you a hint of the implications of selling through international platforms and laws governing them.

Consider the moral implications of your content. Selling fet pictures is always legal ensuring that your content isn’t misused in anyway is important .S et boundaries and communicate nicely with your clients.

8. Establishing Your Unique Brand Identity:

When selling online joining important marketplaces is of importance. But the one thing that makea a lsting imporession is to create yor own distinicitve brand. The brand rpesents your proiduct but yuor styule and unique qalioties asd well. Creating a unique style or them for your photos is the first step in personal branidng. Opt for a minamlsitic sytle.

The styel to choose should renoate with target audience and consistnely appl;y across all pothos to create a grfeat brna image.

Consistency should also go to interactions with the audience. Whether it’s the tone of voice or how you respond to comments or the content you share. Consistency hneps build trust and familiay iwth teh aideince. It reassures potnetial buyers when dealing with a proefessonal and ehnahces your credibitlity and gives them more willingness to purchase.

Setting a proifessional site or socail media page for foot modellign cotnent is another way to build your rband. These platofrms offer a cetnralized space where buyers can bnrpowse your offerings Tey also offer behind the scens content and value for youruaincde to forge a deepr better connection.

It refelcts personality but also should turn one time pruchases into long-term loyal fans. It’s your chance to leave a mark in the world so make it count.

9. Customer Service and Retention:

Maintaining customer louyalt after the first sale nad repat business is more profitlable than acqiring new custoemrs. To encourage peopole to continue buying feet pictures implentthe followigns trategies.

  • Offer Discounts on Subsequent Purchases: Incentivize repeat purchases by providing discoutns to customers who repviously bought from you. You could offer a percentage off their next purchase or a special rate for builk ordertheyw ant form you.
  • Provide Exclusive Content: At the same time reward loayl customers with cotnent that isn’t available to everyone./ Pride early access to photos, behiond the scens content and iamges that cater ro your speicifc audience.
  • Engage Directly with Your Audience:Building a relationshiop with your customers through regular interaction. Reswpond to comments message thema nd show appreication for the busienss. This personal touch can build bioth community as well as lotylty.

Focusing on these srategies you can keep custoemrs coming back and esblish a treaqdy income stream as wel.

10. Financial Management:

Succesful navigatge the world of foot modeling helps gebnerate income bu also needs prudent financial management. Eticousy record both ioncome and expenduisreas and allocate funds for tax obliguiations.

11. Dealing with Competition:

In the arean of online foot picture sales, creating new set of offerings that are different ciompoared to what others keep offering can create a sustainable business cycle. Here’ s what you can to do gather potential buyer attention and build that business. 

Research and Understand Your Competition

  • Analyze Competitor Strategies: Find out how other sellers price their pictures and what you can offer and how they market them. These tactuics can provide immense insights into what works and where they might be doing and the gaps that you can fill.
  • Identify Unique Selling Points: Determine what sets your feet pictures apart form others. Determine the style of photography themes to explore and the story behind your images as well

Emphasize Content Uniqueness

  • Create High-Quality Images:The photos you take should be professionally taken. Pay attention to lighting its composition and clarity. High qialtuy images command better prices.
  • Offer Variety: Exoperiement with multiples posts settings and themes to offer your diverse portfolio. This can appeal to a wider range of preferences and keep the content fresh and engaging. OPersoanlize your offerings. Provide optionsf or customsiitonation and select postes or themes as requested by byers

Engage with Your Audience

  • Build Relationships:  Interact witch stoemrs through comets  messages and social media. Establishing rapport with dedicate following and word of mouth can create new referrals.
  • Provide Excellent Customer Service: Pay attention to queries and create positive customer experience to lead to repeat purchase as well as reocmmendaitons.

Utilize Marketing and Social Media

  • Leverage Social Media: Make use of stuff like Instagram and Twitter to create a larger fan base. This improves vixdilbit.
  • Tell Your Story: Share the insparion beujiond the photos and care you put into them. Storytelling often creates a remarkable connection with your audience and makes your brand memorable.

Stay Informed and Adapt

  • Keep Up with Trends: Stay update with latest preferences and trends within the foot fetish comminty. Asdpt the content to emet these trends and stay relevant
  • Continuously Improve:Seek feebdakc from customers and peers to refine your offerings. Continuous improvement shows commitment to quality and differnatie you from comopetitprs.

These strategies and more can help you carve a niche in online marketplace for feet pictures. Success isnpot about uniqueness alone It’s alos buot dynamecios.

12. Profit from Your Foot Modeling Efforts!

Unlock the full potential of your foot modeling career by strategically promoting your work across diverse social media channels, ensuring your privacy is safeguarded at every step. Cultivate a vibrant community by actively engaging with your audience, responding to their inquiries, and accommodating their requests, all while setting clear boundaries. Pay close attention to the preferences of your buyers, and tailor your offerings to mirror the most sought-after content. Entice your clientele with attractive packages or exclusive deals, adding value to their experience. Prudently manage your finances, setting aside funds for tax obligations and considering the reinvestment of a portion of your earnings into quality props or advanced photography equipment. This strategic approach not only enhances the appeal of your portfolio but also paves the way for a flourishing foot modeling career.

Website And Other Platforms Where You Can Sell Your Foot Pictures

Selling feet pictures online captures a world of opportunities for budding and seasonal sellers. Focus on one or two platforms and hone your craft well. Creating your own site can be the first big setp. As you grow confident explore addotiponal platpfrms to create more earnings.

The digital world is full of such pl;atofmrs.

FeetFinder is one of the most poopular place with user friendluy interface PCI compliance and more features. Instagram and Twitter offer additional spots and avenues for both promotion and sales letting you connect directly and build an audience with the commontuy.

For those with a more professional place Adobe Stock and Shutter Stock can be  vialble opopritunite.s THey have more viable and diverse audience. Laucnhing your site or blgo provides you the freedom to showcase your work and culatie a brand the reflects vision and vlaues.

As you navbiate through different platforms remember that success in selling foot pciutres online isn’t just about quality of iamges but also in devleoping and undestanding your comminut and delvierng content that resontes well wtih them.

Here Are The Top Recommendations

1. FeetFinder (#1 Recommendation)

FeetFinder goes beyond traditions of a marketplace with a vibrant growing community. It’s a scalable platform and priovides secureity to you when selling foot pictures. THere’s free regiatration avaialble and it coems aspriing and experienced sellers alike. THe platofmr gives you the ability to monetize foot photography has the ability to mopnetize foot photography and ensures every transaction respects the privacyof useras and sense of safgety and treust.

You are joining a community that love feet.

Before understanding the world of feet pic sales understand there’s a 14.99 annual fee on Feedinder.

However for this low fee you get access to buyers. The tool ensures prospective custoemrs can gt a blurry preview before buying and this adds an element of suspoense while protecting your IP. The translation fees is One of the unique features of this website is its automatic blurring of your feet pics. This clever tool ensures prospective customers can only get a blurry preview before making a purchase, protecting your content and adding an element of intrigue to encourage sales.

While transaction fees are set at 20% for FeetFinder, the platform offers an enticing affiliate program. Users can refer friends to the website and earn a lucrative 10% of each sale the friend makes, promoting a sense of community and shared success.

For those who want money on Feetfinder the process is relatively easy. Here are instructions for selling foot pictures on FeetFinder.

1. Get a user account

Craft a bio include right keywords to enhance visiblity

your profile’s visibility to potential buyers.
3. Get your account approved by Feet Finder’s dedicated team.

Pay the seller commission.

Post captivcating fet and videos of your feet. That shwocases persoanlty.

Choos your mode of payment from FeetFinder. Once the buyer starts the payment the seller gets their earnings kickstaring journey into profitable foot photography.

In addition to these steps, successufl sellers engage with followers, offer discounts and create quality unique content to standout. With dedication and strategic approach making mone here is enjoyable and lucrtative.

2. Feetify

Fee4tify is a paltform designed for indivudals who want to sell or buy feet picures.

Feetify is a distinctive platform specially designed for individuals keen on buying or selling feet pictures. With a memberhsipo hiereachy it caters to different prefences and cratea modern touch for premium membershops. Here’s the entire step by step guide to monetize feet pictures.

Kickstart with Account Creation:
Get your free account on Feetify by providing basic details. This step ensures accessp top the acocmuhti.

Build Your Portfolio:
Upload a vareity of feet pictures to get started. High qualtyu images atdiffeent angles and psoes can attract buyers.

Engage Regularly:
Frequent engagement is the cornerstone of building a follower baser. Engage in discussions, respond to mesages and update your portfolio with new and latest content.

Upgrade to Premium:
Elvate the selling experience by upgrading to premim membership at $%49.

Tgs unlocks more features lke unlimtied piucutre and video uploads direct clientcommunication and 1200 sales revenue

Utilize the Private Chat Feature:
The private chat featre is a secure way for you to negotiate terms and prices and finazlie tranactions. As premium meber you get instructions on p[ictures /videos to buyers and improving transactions.

Uphold Quality and Authenticity
Authenticity is great on Feetify. Piolished pictures are even better and resonte with the community this appraoch encurages genuine biyers.

Secure Your Payments:
Confirm the receipt of payment before delivering pictures to the buyyer. This practice ensrues that you are way from scams and ensures great transactiosn.

Maintain a Stellar Reputation:
Build and create a postivie repaution by delivierng greeat customer servce and filfiling byer request.s A great repuation will foster busienss and reomemndations.

Stay Abreast of Platform Guidelines:
Adhere to selling duidliens to ensure msooth and postiveexoerince. Being well versed with the rules can help maxiomine earnings as well.

Expand Your Offerings:
As you get more trancton consider diversfying earnings with custom ijoptos shoots.

Seek Continuous Improvement:
Learn from other successful sellers on Feetify abnd stay update on the trends in market and strive to better your profile as well as quality of servic.e

By following this guide and maintaining professionalism you can monetize your feet pictures on Feetify and carve out a potentially lucrative profile.

3. Feetpics

FeetPics.com is a dedicated marketplace where creators can both sell photos and videos to interested buyers. This platform simplifies selling by a range of tools and features helpibng creators market  themselves.

Setting Up a Profile

Creating a profile on Feetpics.com is relatively easy. Sellers can provide infor on their offerings, preovuew images and have the option to set individual pricing on posts or lock content behind something.

Monetization Opportunities

  • Pay Per View (PPV): Creators can set pricing on individual posts allowing fans for content they want to see.
  • Subscriptions: Alatneratively creators can lock content allow fans access through monthly subscription
  • Private Chat: Creatrs can engage with biyuers through private chat where they accept and fulfill custom orde4rs
  • Tips: Buyers can tip creators throughprofile and private chats.

100% Profit Share

One standout feature of Feetpics is full profilt share. Creatrs can get the entieamount credtiedto them.

Community and Verification

Tjhe platform is a safe and trustwprhty envioropnemt through verification process matching real buyers with real sellers. Asdditonaly the global feed where buyers can explore different profoles nad posts.

Educational Resources

Verified creators can get access to online course and collection of ebooks about selling feet pics.

Monthly Fee and Promotion

For $9 they get target paid trafifc their content.

Withdrawal of Earnings

You can withdraw earnings once it reaches $10. This process is reprrty easy. This is a comprehsvneoiv eosluition for individuals.

4. OnlyFans

Creating an account, promoting the same and uploading images all of it is seenstial to create a successful business. You can quickly increase revenue by creating buzz around your content. fFor creators this can be a ready business strategy.

Only Fans is a subscription based site and gets 20$ share of all subscribers reviewsn/

The preim revenue driver for them is sxexul content. Howevwere ther’s also space for professionals singers, personal trainers, photographers and more people.

How to make money on Only Fans

  • Create a oprfile while remaining anyonmous
  • QAweit account fonformat
  • Upload feet pcituers
  • Promote thee pictures

5. Instafeet

Instafeet is an online gallery of foot pictures. This is a challenging site to joing before the people join they need to be verified

Before you set pricing, upload 5 phjotos as a started and send photo id as verification.

How to sell feet pics on Instafeet

  • Create an account and have ID card ready to upload.
  • Once accepted upload 5 images to your account
  • Set your pricing
  • To increase traffic create a link to publish on social media

Feet Lovers Only

This is a m,arketoplace called FGeet lovers only and allos consumers and sellers to by and sell procure. The member is 14.99 and you get to jkee 100% the sales.

7. Dollar Feet

Dollar feet is different form other olatofrms and may not be worthwhile for everyone / Before sending content to the site, you must provide sample video evaluaqtion and clear the model registration form as well. For each accepted video 10 mins or longer the site gives you $10. The height and wieght are required onthe model ac[[locatopn. Dollar feet requires you to ionlcude face and tneirely of the food.

Thios calls for caton

8. Your Own Website

GOing on the journey opf selling foot pictures. Consideirng creating your own site. It goces you place to showcase your fet the way you want to.

Weighting the pros and cons is encesary . Integarating a blog can helpful. When individuals look for information on foot care they will find yourb log and this cand rive traffic to your site.

Incioprate visual appeal b featre images to enahcne blog posts and rpmopte foot picre.s THis serves as a markeitng steragy giving potnetial sneka peak into offerings.

FVenture into website owneship after a sales flow is established. Engaing i n afiliate marketing.

9. Whisper

On iOS and android you can accept the social paltofm Whoipser there. 200 millon active users that gives you access to sizelable market. You can sell there burt acept money elsehere.

On iOS and Android, you can access the anonymous social media How to use Whisper to sell feet pics

  • Download and go to whisper app
  • Post imnageUse comment section to inreact with pr[secitve customer Distribute email along with apuyment details
  • link.

10. Tinder

Tinder is a adaitng seriveand can be used to showcaseimages when creating a priofle

Evfentuially get connections and messages from buyers.

11. Craigslist

O aan make money by listing your fet pics on Criglist is gerat.

How to sell feet pics on Craigslist

  • Create Craglist account
  • Get  apyem,mnt susme
  • BNeofe posting blur your picture
  • sPmote you content

12. Foap

You can sell fet pics on Foap website. Foap is general photography site than what others mentioned Fap make sit simple for merchants to plaid photos and prlomoe pictures to ptonetial customer.

Anticipate in photo missions and compete for cahs to get prize up $500

If someone wants to buy one of these puicers you get %5 form each transviotn.

How to sell your feet pics on Foap

  • Install the app, register for account
  • Upload feet pics
  • Get paid as and when pictrs are sold
  • Foap conss can be used to complete missions

13. Wikifeet

Wikifeet offers videos pictures and foot related piety.s Gurantee privacy fo your data.

On the site there are photos where they can advertise your photos or put your feet for the day or the week photo.

14. Websites that sell stock photos

The are many stock photo agencies most of which pay for feet photos. You get paid for each one that users download from the sites as contributors.

Start selling feet pics backto Unsplash, Pexelsor iStock phot. This is a great place for beginners to start selling photos of their feet. The pictures need to be of great quality and around certain categories.

15. Etsy

People can sell imaginative goos ON etsy. Even feet photos are permitted. They are listed under digital items. A few stores sell them in packages. You can also see individual phjots.

Using a feet as advertising can seel foot rnbgs. You can sell anket.s You can create artwork and sell more.

How to sell pictures of feet on Etsy

  • Open Etsy account. It doesn’t take a lot of time. 
  • Upload feet pictures with watermark.
  • Cp,[;ete the description. To decide what to include you can aslo lookf ro vrials
  • Give price range. Start sharing and sellingonlien

16. Via Social Media

You can very well share these pioctuers on social media Like Facebook marketplace, instagram, TikTok and more.

17. Reddit

Reddit is a site where users can post questions and get answers but ther/feetpics has more than 1.5 million subscribers. That\s manuy potential customer prepared to purchase those images.

Selling your feet pics on Reddit

  • Sign up on Reddit
  • Go to r/feet, r/feetfinder.com
  • Contribut ehtan focus on selling alone.
  • Share links to images and promote them

Using a verified site you can be guaranteed the work is purchased and sold securely. Review commission and ongoing costs no matter where you sell photos.

What Kind Of Feet Pics Sell?

The market for feet pics is here to stay catering to preferences.

Well-groomed Feet:
– Clean well keept feet is foundational here.

Maintaining clean, well-kept feet is foundational. This includes Do regular pediculres. File and trim our nails. Understand how your feet look and what soils them like dirt and sn damage


High-Quality Images:
– Use high resolution images that are clear and sharp and are more likely to catch byer’s attention

– Good lughtingis essential to highlight details and create a great composition

Editing can enhance qialtiy making your photos stand out

Variety in Poses and Settings:
–Experimentation is key. Cross legs, arches and close ups are creative ways to visualize the appeal

–Setting play a big role too. From beach scenes to urban landscapes the background can add a layer of more appeal

Customization and Niche Appeal:
– A few buyers have special prefernece, nail colros, accessories like anklets or footwear

Find a niche like sole pictures, nail polish or high heels

Footwear and Accessories:
– Pictures featuring footwear are popular. The right pair of shoes can improve the aestheitc appeal

Experiement with different heel heights, styles and colors

Nail Art and Color:
– Nail polish colors and designs can make photos eye catching

Keep with mnail polish trends

Temporary Tattoos and Other Embellishments:
– Temporary tattoos can emphazie curves of your fet and add unique touch to photos.

Unique and Creative Themes:
– From slightly dirty feet for a natural, earthy vibe to thematic settings like gardening or hiking, creativity in themes can cater to unique buyer preferences.

Engagement with Potential Buyers:
– Engage with potential buyers to understand their preferences and be open to custom requests, including specific poses, accessories, or themes.

Promotional Strategies:
–Promote these pictures on platforms like FeetFinder, social media and offer bundle deals or subscriptions for buyers.

Safety and comfort should be your topline priority and ensure you are comfortable weith the pictures taking and selling.

Types of Foot Poses

To be a successful feet picture seller and to get the highest income, it’s essential to understand the different foot posses that are appealing to different buyers. The market is always diverse with customers preferring the allure of unedited images that capture its natural beauty.

Others are willing to invest and pay more to get customized poses that suit their heart’s desire most.

Be creative and experiment a lot in your approach. Make use of different angles, different photographic techniques and present your feet in various contexts. You can enhance the appeal of these poctuers. Capture your feet in stylish high heels and offer a great touch to your proflioa

For more inspiration and better idas explore both magazines and socail media where you can find many creative concepts for poses. By going into these resources you can get hands on with popular pose4s that attract wider custoemr base.

Foot Arch:
Highlight the arch of your feet as some buyers like them better

Top of Foot:
A simple yet appealing pose showcasing the top of your feet is another good choice

Bottom of Feet:
Focus on the soles through close up shots

Dirty Soles:
It’s unconventional but there are clients who expect a rugged rough look

Toe Spread and Toe Scrunch:
Spread or scrinch the toes, capture them from either top or bottom view

Candid Feet (Foot Selfies):
Casual shots taken in everyday poses without any requirements

Feet in Heels:
Pictures featuring heels, be it kicked off, or dangling from feet.

Giantess Feet:
Make your feet appear larger by bringing foot toward the camera.

The Pose:
Lying on the stomach with knees bent and fee tin the air is  pose with casual relaxation.

Various Angles and Perspectives:
From looking down at the feet, lying with feet up or clsoe ups or top or side arch of feet explore different angles.

Simple Poses:
Start with simple poses like cover or top shots

Creative Experimentation:
Don’t shy from unique and creative foot poses. Engage with potential buyers to get to know their preferences and find what resonates with them.

As you into foot photography the important thing to remember is keep your content fresh. Seek new inspiration. EWngage with your audienc eand understand their preferences and don’t shy away from the creative envelope.

The Tops of Feet

Taking top pictures is teh simplest. Point your camera at the feet while standing being seated. Get as near the foot as possible.

Toes Spread

Another shot are toe pictures. To get this pose,spead the toes and shoot from either top or bottom


Focus on a positon that highlights the arch asou take this photo. The more customers it gets the higher it goes.

Foot Soles

oNE ANOTHER PREVANLENT FOOT POSTURE IS take a picture of soles of the fet. Set the camer’a focus on the bottom of the feet. Extend your legs.

High Heels

You need not show bare feet on every phot. Try ebing imaginative eand wearting your favorite heel.

Dirty Feet

Close-up pics typically sell better to buyers.

Pool Feet

You have to admit, poolside feet pics are amazing!

Feet Selfies

You can’t get any easier than this. Use your creativity, and boom, look at what is possible.

Running Feet

There are many who want to explore the outdoors. A few running feet pics can do the needful

Baby Feet

Cpatre previous momebnts in baby’s ife with bby feet pictures can opresenve a memory to be chreerestei for future generations.

How to Protect Yourself from Scams

The side business is a great way to supplement your income. However there are also disadvantage associated with selling feetpics online.

There are dishonest people out there who can con you. Take measures to guard yourself against cons.

Do Not Expose Your Face

If possible avoid keeping your face in images you sell. Clients that wna to buy yourpicuters are moist inertested in fee than face.

It’s best to remain disguised because disclosing your looka cold attract unwanted attention.

Don’t Respond To Personal Inquiries

It’s ideal if people don’t know much about you. Be cautious regarding who you talk to and suspicious of anyone who might look forceful. Someone attempting to deceive you or pressurize you for personal information could be a fraud at best.

Your Preview Pictures Should Be Watermarked

Many host sites let potential customers preview your pioctres and not allow them to see it fully bnecause they are blurry or have watermarks that obscure these denials.

Make Use Of Secure Payment Gateways

You can get paid of pics on different platforms. Before sending the pictures to buyers ensure you got your money. Don’t divulge personal banking details to anyone. Processors like Stripe, Patreon and Paypl are great. Pay attention to payment chanenls.

Keep Your Identity A Secret

Ensure your anonymity by not disclosing any personal information, such as your name, location, contact information, or social media profiles that could be used to connect buyers back to you. This isn’t easy because many websites require an ID to be approved.

Before choosing a website and selling feet pictures, you should conduct thorough research.

Be Sure To Get Paid Before Sending The Pictures

Before sending your feet pictures, ensure you’ve been paid for them. Wait till the money is in your bank account before sharing your beautiful foot pictures because the market contains swindlers.

Refrain From Accepting Overpayment

Scams liike overpayment plague this sector as well. Customers may weell offer to pay extra if they get change later.

Almost always this is a con and avoid falling for this. Have them pay your usual rates.

Make No Payments

To verify legitimacy fraudsters can request payment from you. They may also ask for transaction fees. You make payment after you decide for membership to reputable sales site.

Advice On Selling Your Feet Pictures

Some true and tried methods are below.

Start small and rise as your portfolio expands

You can start getting paid $5 per foot picture and work up to $100 or more. You can buy equipment to capture feet pics and charge more as you get clients and reviews.

Learn how to capture superior pictures

Spend time mastering taking excellent pics. Your image must be eye cathicng and distinctive to grab attention.

Post pictures frequently

The majority of suite algorithms like consistent publishing schedules. Dong this custoemrs will say you value consistenty and won’t leave them handing after pauying and subscring to you.

Competitive Intelligence

Look at the pricing of other sellers . consierthesize of the porfoliop and time they have been partcitpating. Keep track of posters that sell weel..

Do they have accessories or props? Use the styling advice to quicken expansion.

Many porfssojnal also mentor newbies. Geting their adive is nice.

Keeping yourself safe is essential

It would be best to take essential safety measures before starting this incredible adventure. You’ll need to learn how to safeguard yourself from fraudsters and jerks because your pictures will be available online in perpetuity.

Along with disguising your identity in pictures, you should set up separate email accounts and social media profiles that are anonymous for your foot picture business and have a nickname identity.

Never give out your name, location, or contact information to customers. To manage payments, open a different business account.

Maintain the health of your feet 

You should make sure that the pics of your feet are easy on the eyes because you’re selling them. Getting periodic spa treatments, changing your nail polish, and cutting your toes and cuticles are examples of what this entails. Then, you can spend money on foot creams, washes, and masks to ensure your feet are stage-ready.

Selecting a platform

You’ll also need to choose your preferred sharing website to sell foot pictures. This is completely up to you and will depend on which service providers you want. Additionally, posting your pictures on other platforms will diversify your revenue streams.

Invest in the appropriate tools

Although you don’t need expensive equipment to start selling images, investing in a few things upfront is wise to stand out from the crowd.

You might also wish to enroll in a few introductory photography courses to learn about photo composition. YouTube also provides excellent tutorials if you can’t afford to pay for classes.

You’ll also need to get a tripod and learn how to use it if you don’t have someone to assist you with capturing pictures.

If you’re not yet ready to invest in a Professional digital camera, you can use an excellent smartphone camera.

Investing in a simple photo editor like Canva, Collage, or PicMonkey, is a great idea.

Buy a quality camera, but not necessary at the start

Quality ought to be one of your top considerations when shooting pics of your feet for profit. Nobody wants to spend money on a blurry picture. Instead, you can distinguish yourself from the crowd by purchasing a good camera. It doesn’t have to be exorbitantly costly.

Mobile phone vs. camera

Depending on your smartphone, you might not need an additional Digital camera to get started. You may use the lighting controls on your phone to change the illumination.

No matter what you use, make sure the image’s description does not contain the picture’s location.

An LED light

Avoiding direct sunlight and constantly using natural light are your best options. Direct sunlight causes images to be overexposed and blurs out your feet.

If natural lighting isn’t an option, spend money on inexpensive lighting fixtures using LEDs. It will give you the illumination you need to capture beautiful pictures of your feet.

Props may improve your pictures

  • Carefully positioning candles near your feet will offer more illumination to improve your final picture and create a mystical appearance that your customers will adore.
  • To give your images a more feminine feel, use toe rings, pieces of jewelry, or toe bangles.
  • Placing flowers near your feet in specific pictures results in visually appealing pictures. This is useful if you’re selling to stock image websites.
  • Using temporary tattoos to draw attention to your feet’s curves

Pay particular care to the backgrounds you choose when taking photos for a better likelihood of success at generating additional revenue with quality images

  • Place a piece of luxurious carpeting beneath your feet to take more identical shots.
  • Place some sand directly in front of your feet to create a beach-like atmosphere without visiting the nearby beach.
  • Spend money on a marble tile, then use it as the background of your pictures. It’s cutting-edge and stylish and will result in stunning foot pictures.
  • White blankets and sheets can make your toes and nail polish pop.

Bring customers to your pictures

You must successfully market your website or platform to earn money selling pictures of feet. You can run sponsored ads or use social media to advertise your new business.

Trim your cuticles and nails

It’s best practice to clip cuticles and nails. Maintain a short length but don’t cut them too short. This prevents painful and ugly ingrown toenails.

Aplly the anti fungal therapy if you have yellow toenails. Use a whiteing cleaner to get rid of the same.

Daily moisturizing

To prevent dry skin apply lotion. To maintain moisturizer with your skin while sleeping it’s good to massage your feet in the evening and put on a pair of thick socks.

This keeps them hydrated.

Regular soaking removes dead and thick skin

Soak your feet once a week to soften the soles’ skin. Coarse and dry skin will be simpler to remove as a result.

Get pedicures in a spa or do it yourself at home

Every four to six weeks, spend money on pedicures. Buy a foot spa and care of foot at home if you can afford the cost of equipment.

Treat your feet

Your pictres iwll be of better quality if you take care of your feet. Healthy feet are always in demand.

Pros And Cons Of Selling Foot Images

When selling foot photographs there are both benefits and drawbacks.

The benefits of selling foot photos online

  • Pasive income
  • Ease of entry
  • Simple to register
  • Growing market for images
  • No need of professional crew

Drawbacks of selling foot pictures online

  • Constant need to promote your content
  • Alkways be vigiilant abuot your safety
  • Some reliions may forbid
  • The chance of getting unusual requests
  • Demanding clients who tend to be picky
  • Need to be watchful about scams
  • Images can be stolen and ued in marketing of other sites

Marketing Your Foot Images

Hashtags; Using the right hashtags can send you direct traffic to your pages and enhance the odds of people finding you.

Increase Your Listings on Different Websites; Each site where you sell pictures of your feet will have a page and product listings for you to edit. Describe the pictures well. Put them inside categories and make use if targeted keywords to help others find them.

Utilize advertisements to increase website traffic; To increase traffic to your site or pages use Google, TikTok, Pinterst and other platforms. You can use ads to get people to view these pages.

Buying Feet Pics

Buying feet pictures is easy and can be done with some clicks. There are different ways to buy foot pics. The most popular ways is through online marketplaces like ebay or even Etsy.

You can also search for sellers who offer variety of pics from toe nail to close ups of the bottom of foot. Depending on needs, sellers can customize the pic.

Another option to do is purchase fett pics by contacting individual photographers. There are sites that list photographerselling custom feet pics. Browse their work and find the right shot.

You can also purchase feet pics from artists by reaching out to them on Instagram or Twitter. These platforms come with dedicated accounts where you can contact seller and request a specific style.

If you want to purchase feet pics quickly there are sites specializing in selling feet pics online. These sites offer packages of fet pics so you can them all at once.

No matter which route you go to. Read the terms of service you are familiar with.

What are some Tips for Buying Feet pics online?

When you want to purchase feet pics thereare many things to keep in mind to get best value for money.

Finding a reputable seller with proven record of selling feet pics is necessary. I’s always great to read reviews about the seller and see if anyone else had positive experiences with them.

It’s important to ensure that pictures you buy are of high quality and aren’t pixelated.

Make sure the pricing is fair. Some sellers can offer disocnts or offer bundle deals. Take advantage of them.

Ensure the seller provides you with clear terms before you buy these pictures.

Following these tips will help you get the highest out of your purchase for buying feet pics.

How to Buy Feet Pics Online

Are you interested in feet pics. Whether you are collector or simply prhcase the right gift these gifts are for lasting memory.

Make sure theta re legintiae and have ag reat repuatiaon. Ocne comfortable move on to the next step.

Next decide which feet pis you want. Didffenret category are available like close up shots, beach shots, and scenic shots.

Once you find somehting 

You like read fine print to understand hiddentcosts.

Finally make your purchase Finally make your purchase once you find the perfect. This is important when buying online. Dobuile check the information. This is important when bing online.

These steps will help you find feet pis. Just make sure you take your time to research the seller and ensure that the phot you chose is of high quality.

How to Prevent Buying Feet pics online from Scams

Buying feet pics can be a profitable experience. There are scams

Buying feet pics online can be an enjoyable and profitable • Always check the seller’s reputation before purchasing. Do some research on the seller and ensure they have a good reputation for selling feet pics.

• Ensure that the seller has a real foot photo biz. Look for reviews from past customers and anything else to make that sound ok. 

• check the site or profile of seller for contact details. Check the website or profile of the seller for contact information. Find an email address where you can contact them.

• Contact the seller for proof of ownership. THe seller should be able to provdde proof.

•Make sure3 the seller offer squlaity photos.

•onsider using payupal to precote your funds.

• Do not send money to anyone claiming to offer services related to selling feet pics. It’s not legal to seel these pics without a licsense.

\ Be aerae of sites offering free oics or videos. tHey oculd be stonelen ones.

Do’s and Don’ts in Buying Feet Pics Online

Do’s in Buying Feet Pics Online

1. Fully Understand the Content: Be clear about the type of feet pictures you want. Some are artistic shots and there are more explicit content choices.

2. Conduct Thorough Research on the Seller: Investigate the seller’s repudiation by going through reviews and ratings.

3. Maintain Anonymity: Protect your own privacy atall times. Protect your privacy by remaining as anonymous as possible during transactions Make use of proxies when buying feet pics online.

4. Know the Variety Available: Get yhhourself familiar with different pics for purchase including photos videos and foot themed newkery

Don’ts in Buying Feet Pics Online

5. Avoid Unknown Sources: Refrain from feet pics from unknown sources to reduce the rrisk of scams

6. Do Not Share Personal Information Recklessly: Before bing something ensure the platform comes with robust ecirty and avoid sharing sensitive details.

7. Verify Content Before Payment: Always request a preview or sample of the content before completing any transactions. This step ensures that the content meets your expectations and you get value for your money.

8. Read Terms and Conditions Thoroughly:Before dealing with apurchase review the terms and conditions with the tranactions

Where Can I Buy Feet Pics?

Here’s a list of sties to buy feet pics from.


Whn buying feet pics one good place is Amazon. The online giant has aq selction of foot related themes and stock photos or personals.

Use keyuwords like feet pics, seling feet feet pics to narrow down the search., You can find pictures that professionals have taken. Purchase ready made images for selling your feet pictures.

The prices vary on the quality of the mage from a low of 1 dollar to 9.99 per image.

Amazon is a great place to start.


Ebay is another popular online marketplace. When searching for fet pics you will get listings and selling feet pics. Some sellers may provide packages with multipoel feet pics in them.

A few sellers offer packages with multiple pics inthem. Pricing varies on the size and quality of photo.


Esty is amopther place to setar twitch marketplace where sellers offering close ups to full body shots.

Many sellers offer custom ores and work with you to create a qunie set of photos for your needs.

Etsy is gerat with the search bar.


Craigslist is good to buy and sell feet pis. Find various photos form close up to full length shots in feets or sandsla.

Search for them by searching sell feet pics. You also may find feet in socks and feet in barefoot

When purchaisng such feet pics ensure you have a repeated seller.

Check the quality of fet pics. Mek sure the resolution is up tosandar.d


Selling pictures of your feet is intriguing. How to sell pictuers of feet, protect yourself, find the best platforms and find attention grabbging pictures.

There areno obstacles of this as side business. Ensure that you popst thjem to the right channel and selling them generates passive incoem onlien.

Frequently Asked Questions: How To Sell Feet Pics Online

Is it legal to sell pictures of feet?

Selling feet images is legal in UK< canada, NZ and US. You must be however 18 plus

You have seen a bew blogs with neatly crafted feet.

Does having beautiful feet make you a better foot picture seller?

There’s a great demadn for foot puictiers. Every day foot picture sites requests for feet of different shapesna dns zies. Demonstrating the market and need for all kinds of feet.

Where in America Can You Sell Pictures of Feet?

If you are in the US you can also make money selling feet pics on oNlyfans, feet finder, etsy and shuterstcok. This doesn’t imply these are the only sites to sell feet photos.

To increase your selling capacity look beyiond these and look for platforms like Feetpics. THanks to tiktok and sintagram reach a broader audience and increase your odds of selling feet pics.

How do I sell photos of feet on OnlyFans?

You must first register to sell feet pics on Only fans.

How much could you make selling pictures of feet?

Thios deopnds on how many you sell. Some work full time to earn 50k annually

Everuthing depends on hwo many pictures are sold and how well these pictures are made.

There just considerseling photos of your feet for passive income.

Is it risky to sell photos of feet?

Selling these pictures is safe as loing as you take precautions. Don’t show your face and provide private details. Purchasers are generally reasonable.

Do People Secretly Sell Feet Pics?

Yes people sell feet pics and due to privacy concerts or social stigma this has a niche but also legitmatie way for dindicvials to make money. While it is simple legal. Sellers often remains anonymous.

Is it as simple as it seems to sell pics of feet?

saEKLLING FEET  pics is relatively straightforward. However a marketing plan will help generate more revenue.

How much money are feet pictures worth?

There\s nop assurance that you succeed financially many people selling feet pics do well financially. Hte potneitl for gain increases as you add more images. You can make more money if you add video as well.

What should I charge for photos of feet?

No one solution works best. AThe value of images, amrketplace and pricing will affect what you rhcatge.

No one solution works for all foot-picture sales. The value of your You canh start by $5 aiece

How can I begin marketing photos of my feet?

Create a new anonymous email account with payment option. With these tips, take pictures of your feet and ad them for sale on different sites. Promote the photo once that happens.

Can men also sell images of their feet?

Women dominate the sector. However, more and more men keep joining the fray as the market for men’s feet keeps growing.

Where to sell feet pics?

Many platforms exist where you can sell feet pics each with its own set of advantages and the presence of a niche audience. FeetFinder however has a highly secure and well organized environment for facilitating these transactions.

In addition to dedicated platforms that exist there are many online avenues to find interested byers.

  1. Social Media Platforms: Instagram or Twitter are great to promote pictures. But remember to stick to the platform’s guidelines.
  2. Online Marketplaces: eBay and etsy let you sell items like feet pictures. Make sure you read and follow rules.
  3. Stock Photo Websites:If your pictures are more artistics pr proifessionl consider listing them on Shitterstokc or adobe stock.
  4. Online Forums: Forums and communities on Reddit may have interested buyers. It’s important to understand the rules there.

How to make the maximum revenue selling pics of feet

First, check to see if your feet are in great shape. Next, take good care of your feet by regularly trimming and hydrating your nails daily. Think about getting a pedicure or using skin-exfoliating treatments.

Second, shoot excellent foot photos. Invest in quality cameras and lighting equipment.

Third, take note of the surroundings. Be imaginative when taking your shots, and use props to add fun, interest, beauty, and, if appropriate, seasonal flare.

You can enhance photos using a program like Photoshop or Canva. Play around with the filters until you achieve the desired effect.

Finally, make sure to publicize your photos. You’ll want to get the word out by starting a blog or promoting them as an aspect of your business on social platforms.

Do I need to have attractive feet?

You don’t need feet to look good for a foot model to sell images. You can utilize pictures of other people’s feet with their permission if you’re self-conscious about the appearance of your own feet.

Is it legal to sell foot images in the UK?

There are no rules in the UK right now that prohibit selling online images of your feet. Under the law, sexually explicit content posted online is acceptable if the subject is older than 18 and the material doesn’t contain particularly graphic or disturbing material.

Is it legal to sell foot images in Canada?

It is legal to sell images of feet in Canada. However, certain restrictions need to be followed. Any images being sold must not contain nudity or obscenity and must comply with Canadian copyright laws. Additionally, the seller must ensure that any images sold do not have recognizable individuals.

Is it legal to sell foot images in Australia?

Selling foot images online may seem weird, but it is legal in Australia, specifically in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory. Of course, even though it’s legal does not mean that there aren’t restrictions. For example, a website could not solely sell foot images. Instead, foot images should be a part of a larger website. There are also no specific rules regarding the age of models featured on a foot image website.

Do you have to reveal your face to sell photos of your feet?

Do not expose your face. If possible, avoid having your face in the images you’re selling. Clients that want to purchase your pictures are more interested in your feet than your face.

Are pictures of feet subject to taxes?

Yes. This additional income must be included in (business revenue). The gain or loss will then be used to compute self-employment tax. Selling images of feet is a viable source of income.

Is it strange to sell images of your feet?

Selling pictures of feet may seem odd at first, but it’s not that awkward. Selling feet pictures are among the most accessible, practical, and profitable side jobs available today.

How to sell feet pics?

Selling feet pictures involves several steps. First, you need to ensure you’re of legal age in your country to do so. Second, ensure your feet are well-groomed and the pictures are high quality. Various platforms exist where you can sell your pictures, such as FeetFinder, and broader platforms like Instagram or Twitter. Remember to be careful about your privacy and the terms and conditions of these platforms. Lastly, pricing can vary based on quality, exclusivity, and the buyer’s preferences. Researching and setting a competitive yet fair price for your feet pictures is essential.

What are the best practices for selling pictures of feet online?

The best practices for selling pictures of feet online include maintaining good foot hygiene and aesthetics, taking high-quality and creative pictures, using reliable platforms for transactions, setting competitive prices, and following all relevant laws and guidelines.

Can I sell pictures of other people’s feet?

Yes, you can sell pictures of other people’s feet if you have their explicit consent and they are of legal age. However, you must ensure you have all the necessary permissions to use and sell these images. Violating this can lead to legal consequences.

Can I sell videos of my feet as well?

Yes, you can also sell videos of your feet. In fact, selling videos and photos can enhance your offerings and potentially increase your earnings. Videos could be of simple foot movements or activities involving feet. However, remember to comply with the same safety and privacy measures as you would with photos.

What other factors can influence the success of selling feet pictures?

Besies quality of feet pics, your marketing strategies how well you treat audiencfe and being responsive and gilding a rapport could retain them for onger.

Do I need a model release form for selling feet pictures?

Model releases forms are not necessary when selling feet pics and dont require identifiable features.

How can I stay safe while selling feet pictures online?

Never reeval personal details like name or address. To ensure safety.

you’re dealing with online.

Can I sell pictures of my feet if I have tattoos or unique markings?

Yes, you can sell pictures of your feet, even if they have tattoos or unique markings. In fact, these unique features might even appeal to a niche audience. However, remember that these markings can make your identity traceable, so exercise caution while sharing such images.

Can I refuse to sell to a particular buyer?

Yes, you completely control who you sell your pictures to. If a buyer makes you feel uncomfortable or violates the terms of service of the platform you are using, you can refuse to sell to them.

What happens if someone uses my feet pictures without my consent?

You can take legal action if someone uses your feet pictures without your consent. However, once a picture is online, it’s hard to control who sees or uses it. So, ensure to sell on reputable platforms that prioritize your security and privacy.

Are there any ethical concerns with selling feet pictures?

There are also ethical concerns and morality along with cultural and societal held belifes. It is considered inappropriate in selling feet pics. Always respect youe ownb comfort levels first and norms when engaging in the business.

How can I manage customer expectations when selling feet pictures?

To keep on top of customer expectations be clear about what you are offering. Ensure that these descriptions accurately reflect the pictures you sell. Maintain expectations about your offering and maintain open communication with customers addressing all their queries and concerns.

How can I enhance my foot photos?

Enhance your foot photos with the help of lighting, creative backgrounds and quality camera.s Photo editing software can help you with the look and feel as well.

How to deal with unwanted attention or harassment while selling feet pictures?

If you receive unwanted attention be sure to take steps to protect your self.

Report the person on the platform you use and if the behavior persists, report it to law enforcement. Never respond to threatening messages and engagement can result in similar behavior.

What are the main reasons people buy feet pictures?

People buy feet topics for artistic or creative projects like blogs, sites or adverts. Others may have a foot feish.

Additionally some just buy it for curiosity’s sake.