Tubebuddy Review

TubeBuddy is a browser extension that you can use for both Chrome and for Safari. It’s a YouTube certified extension that you can use.

The extension follows the standards set by YouTube and works according to their stated guidelines.

As a free tool you can start using the tool immediately. All you need is a YouTube channel.

TubeBuddy’s creators are certified by YouTube. TubeBuddy is developed by a bunch of YouTube certified creators. They know what it takes to build and run a successful channel on YouTube.

They are a user-friendly company always ready with answers to your questions. The focus is on helping you.

TubeBuddy is one of the only tools that you can use to manage your channel from inside YouTube. That according to me is a powerful feature.

You can see the statistics from the channel and you can see how the extension wrosk.

Here are the features that TubeBuddy supports.

Features of Tubebuddy 2021

Tubebuddy comes with a list of features that can impress anyone. The aim behind TubeBuddy as a chrome extension is to make it really easy to use.

  • There’s video thumbnail generator for driving more traffic to your channel
  • You can schedule publishing of new videos
  • There are end screen templates
  • Publish native video to Facebook
  • Sunset videos
  • Upload the checklist for essential set of points before uploading
  • Use video topic planner
  • Schedule video updates
  • Video topic planner
  • Dchedule video updates
  • Quick edit toolbar for you to use
  • Advanced video embedding

Thumbnail generator – The thumbnail generator is easily one of the most useful tools you can find with TubeBuddy.

For creating videos some YouTubers use template layout to create thumbnails for their video. This is a feature that Tubebuddy gives you for free. There’s no need for external graphic tools like Canva to do this.

With the tool you can create and save a picture and a layout template and use it again and again.. This gives your branding a consistency never experienced before.

Advanced video embedding – With TubeBuddy embedding feature create YouTube embed code that will allow you to off the full screen mode and hide play and forward options.

Scheduled video upload – TubeBuddy allows you to schedule your video uploads just like you schedule blog posts on WordPress. You can choose for the post to go live on a particular date and time.

Automatically publish to Facebook – In addition once the videos are live they can be scheduled to be directly published on your Facebook page too. This gives you a chance to monetize those videos through Facebook ads.

Upload checklist – It doesn’t matter which plan you’re going to choose, Tubebuddy will give you free upload checklist that you can use and what you need to be sure of when uploading new videos.

Youtube SEO Tools


YouTube requires search engine optimization just like you do for your content on Google.

Here are the features of YouTube seo

  • There’s the auto translator
  • There’s the video tags finder
  • There’s the best practice audit
  • There’s the keyword rank tracker
  • There’s captions assistance
  • There’s tag explorer
  • Suggested tags feature
  • Tags lists and sorter
  • Doing a/b tests on videos
  • Search rankings for YouTube
  • Opportunity finder

Auto translator – Use the auto translator feature. This feature translates title, tags you are using , the description and others into the most spoken language in your audience. You can also do it manually.

Tag Explorer – With the tag explorer find keyword to use as tags for videos. The correct tags will boost views.

A/B test – This is another in demand feature from TubeBuddy for CRO. The a/b test feature lets you test different thumbnails. You can test titles and descriptions as well.

Search rankings – With the search rank tracking feature you can testthe search engine rankings for your videos for specific tags. There’s a new feature that lets you monitor these rankings weekly.

Video Audit – TubeBuddy’s video audit feature lets you check the video and indicate if the efforts are right.



The videolytics panel gives you data like total views, subscribers, likes and dislikes. You see the facebook likes and the video views for the channel/

The panel gives you associated tags with the video. If you scroll down you see a button that shows these rankings in more detail.

The feature shows all analytics on the right side of the video.

Video Topic Planner


The video topic planner lets you plan title videos and marke drafs. Prepare plan of your vlog and document ideas as they come.



Tubebuddy is freemium. If you don’t need the premium features you can use the tool for free. The preimum plans start from$9 per month and with it you can manage a single channel.

The pro plan is good for someone with just one channel. However ab testing, video discovery and auto translator is absent.

The star polan is $19 per month.

With the annual plan you get 20% off on any pricing.

If you have more channels you can ask them to give you more discount.

30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

TubeBuddy comes with 30-day money back guarantee on paid plans. If not happy cancel the subscription prior to 40 days.

Using this tool, you’ll be able to grow your channel faster and stronger.