How to succeed with social media and podcasting

Podcasting and social doesn’t seem like a match made in heaven. Except that, there’s a lot you can do to make it work for you.

There are multiple ways to market your podcast on social media and drive traffic and subscribers. In this part 2 we will look at more ways to achieve this.

Use the power of videos

Granted you’re making audio blogs. And not videos. Yet there’s a chance for turning your audio into videos and get traffic from YouTube. Videos on social media generate a higher percentage of shares than text alone is ever able to.

There are different ways for you to use video. Record videos with your request to promote the podcast or share behind the scenes content. Host Facebook live sessions with your guests and also do a question and answer session immediately after you’re done with the podcast.

Such and more ways are how you combine the power of video with medium that’s primarily audio.

Build a community

The very nature of social media sits around in harboring a sense of community. That’s where I guess most people go wrong with social media. In a bid to drive traffic they forget that the nature of social media is in getting people to be part and parcel of the larger community you build around your business. People who like and love a core topic gathering together in an online community to connect with you a person.

One easy way to do this is to share you and your channel on social media. Pick out quotes, ask questions, conduct polls and share news from your life to make your personal brand emerge stronger.

They’re listening to you because they like your personality. Give them a glimpse of who you are that goes beyond the tiny hamlet of a podcast episode.

Social media as a medium to connect with influencers

When you’re starting a podcast, you’re in a chicken-egg situation. People won’t give two hoots about you without growing your podcast to a sizeable biggie. And you can’t grow your podcasts organically without these guests making an appearance. How do you get an influencer on board?

When creating posts, tag your target list of influencers along. This sends them a notification.

A big warning. Do not overdo this. Don’t tag them in everything you post. The goal is not to spam them with notifications that they turn a blind eye or report you.

The goal is to be strategic to offer a hint of your presence online and this should help you move things along.

This is a great way to let your personality shine through and through and inform them regarding who you are what you do on social media.

Promote old content

How many of you just create content and never look back. In the stream of new episodes it’s always possible that you lose sight of old content. Content that tends to be evergreen is relevant and valuable to your audience. Time doesn’t dent the usefulness of the content. You can do better than let it rust in some corner of your list of podcasts.

Give this content a new lease of life by reposting them to your audio blog.

Social media is a space where it’s not easy to get noticed. There’s too much content making noise for all the wrong reasons. Social media posts as a result don’t live for long. Your audience might have missed certain episodes or you might come to the conclusion that certain content will do better than the rest. Whatever you decide, making old content a regular part of social media feed is a strategy you simply cannot afford to miss out on.

Resharing the posts gives your audience an opportunity to see and engage with that content again.

Schedule social media posts in advance

These are some of the most effective tips for building a thriving social media presence and benefit your podcasting strategy with the same. Managing too many social media pages can overwhelm you. So there’s a need for you to stay on top of it and follow a process that allows you to make the best use of the platform.

You’re sharing both personal updates, new content and old content Then there’s space for questions and polls from the community and other updates you may want to post.

Assign each day of the week for the items in the list and put out evergreen content with this schedule that you can easily follow.

See? Social media and podcasting can be two little happy peas in a pod