Smart Fusebox podcast Player Review SEPTEMBER 2021

Fusebox podcast player has features you’re going to love in any podcast player and then some more. Fusebox podcast player is Pat Flynn’s creation.

The podcast player absolutely floors any of the competition there is. Keep track of episode plays and integrate podcasts to your WordPress site with relative ease with this podcast player.

Here’s the link to sign up.

Listeners can toggle between old and new episodes depending on what they want to listen to. The search function makes it possible to search and get the list of old podcasts with relative ease.

Searching for long-lost episodes is no longer a nightmare with this tool.

There are also other features that help you build and email list. In addition, there’s social sharing integrated with the podcast player in case you want to get people to sign up and get updated on new episodes whenever you publish one. 

Here’s the list of the complete set of features from Fusebox podcast player

List building is possible with smart fusebox player

With the list building option integrated add sign up forms as well as call to action buttons to get action from people who come to listen to your podcast episodes.

The sign up form eliminates any need for you to use other plugins to do the job for you. 

As listeners people are going to pay attention to the beautifully created call to action button and click on the same and sign up to the list.

The tool readily integrates with email marketing options like Aweber, ConvertKit and Mailchimp among others.

As soon as someone signs up the leads are sent to the email marketing tool you added and the integration is seamless. 

There’s a lot more available on the podcast player other than displaying podcast episodes on your site. There are lead generation options that instantly boost subscriptions. Also, display social sharing counts on the site. 

The display has a number of options. Tweak the color settings of the player and set the gradients and also choose images to match the way you brand the podcast player on your site. A good example of this is the Smart Passive income site itself where Pat Flynn has used the branding to his advantage.

There are also speed settings for visitors that let them speeden up or pause the podcast. They can fast forward, or rewind depending on what they fancy.

The WordPress plugin powers the tools’s performance. Which means on the WordPress site’s dashboard you can control the list of episodes to show, change its placement and highlight new episodes.

The podcast player has a good software team behind it to send updates to the player regularly and create different podcast skins to use.

The monthly pricing as of writing is $12 per month and is set to increase to $19 per month. The annual option currently gives you $8 per month where you can save a lot.

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2. Smart Track Player

The smart track player gives a lot of customization options to listeners. For instance, Listeners can bookmark episodes anywhere from inside when playing the episode just like they do with a book they’re reading.

Come back to it later.

3. Interactive Full Player on Fusebox

The customizable player is interactive and lets you change its colors, skin, the looks and the whole 9 yards. Add or remove descriptions as well. Change the playing options, its speed settings and there’s a logo area where you can upload your brand’s logo.

 The design of the player adds to UX of the player. The buttons are easy to control the look of the player and helps level up your branding.

4. Download & Share Options

The podcast player builds a number of social media sharing options.

Share the podcasts to other networks. The download buttons let anyone download the podcast episodes as mp3 files too. You can choose between the social sharing options inside the player.

5. Subscription Buttons

With the fusebox player you also see built-in subscription options from iTubes, from Soundcloud from Google pl;ay and other podcast directories.

There are plenty of options to choose form.

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The podcast playeris mobile friendly too and is responsive enough to fit inside neatly into any screen space you can provide. The listeners can listen and access the player across a number of mobile devices and play the audio too.

6. Shortcodes

As a WordPress user you are not an alien to the idea of shortcodes.

If you use the shortcode [smart_podcast_player] and [smart_track_player] in your WordPress post page you can insert the podcast player anywhere on WordPress posts and pages There’s a full list of shortcodes that make life easy for you.

Click find here.