SEMRush vs Serpstat Comparison and Review 2021

Both SEMrush and Serpstat go toe to toe on a number of factors. In this comparison post between SEMrush and Serpstat I’m going to show you how 

With SEO tools you can make a real-difference to how well you rank your site. And both SEMrush and Serpstat are good tools.

What’s the difference between SEMrush and Serpstat?

In this detailed comparison post we’re going to see the prime differences between the two tools.

Social media tools:  Serpstat doesn’t include social media tools. On the other hand, Serpstat comes with a bunch of social media tracking tools and posting tools that can help you analyze and understand how your competitors are using social media to their benefit.

With Serpstat the feature of SEO writing seems amiss, SEMrush comes with an SEO writing assistant feature that makes all your content optimized.

Serpstat gives you basic features for free. The limits are awful. With SEMrush you can access all the features with a 7 day free trial offer.

The range of tools lets you analyze your SEO efforts compared to your competitors.

As a small or big business, with the tool you can analyze both paid and free listings on Google. Around 80% of the web clicks that happen on Google go to the organic listings. That means there’s plenty of opportunity for you to target sites.

Search engines use advanced algorithms to get their results and give people the most relevant answers to their queries.

Users need to be able to trust the content that the SERPs provide. And that means search engines need to be really good at what they are doing.

This makes the case for investing in quality seo tools that give you an idea of where you are ranking, how well you are ranking, how well competitors are ranking and also their backlinks.

SEMrush vs Serpstat Review 2021

The SERPstat tool is for everyone like content managers, ppc managers, SEO experts and keyword research professionals. The suite of features makes it a good tool for everyone involved.

Here are the key features of SERPstat

  • There’s the keyword research tool
  • There’s search analytics
  • There’s advertising analytics
  • There’s content marketing research ideation tools
  • There’s competitor research and competitor analysis.
  • There’s rank tracking built in
  • THere’s market intelligence suite
  • There’s on page site audit
  • There are both reports and infographics
  • There’s white label reports and backlinks analysis.

Keyword Research 

keywords research

Serpstat has a keyword research and organic competition tracking tool that helps you. Serpstat has a keyword research tool that helps you to find top-performing keywords to bring organic traffic to your website. 

With the tool its easy to determine search volume, cost per click and a number of organic results. You can see what makes them tick. The tool is helpful for you to determine all the information that’s necessary like competition level, search volume, the cost per click and the number of search results. All this information at your behest lets you determine the right keywords to target.

In addition, there are also long tail keywords that you can see and target with your site. Long tail keywords, typically tend to have much lower competition.

You can go for these keywords and enjoy a potential advantage in search traffic as a result.

Serpstat gives you an idea regarding the search volumes of a keyword and the competition levels of each of these keywords. You get a good idea which keywords to use in your content.

Competitor Research from Serpstat

competitor research

Serpstat’s competitor research and analysis feature allows you to see which keywords your competitors are targeting and ranking for. This gives you a bunch of potential ideas to use to inform your own content marketing efforts.

This gives you plenty of ideas to work on content that can help you outrank these competitors. With the tool, find direct competitors on organic traffic for your site.

Compare the visibility of your domain to competitor domains.

What’s SEMrush Review

Here are the key features of SEMrush

With SEMrush you can do both 

Organic and Paid ad research

Use the advertising display tool

There’s the backlink analysis tool that gives you complete idea regarding all the powerful backlinks of your competitor

You can view the product listing ads of the competitor

See the traffic analytics

You have an SEO writing assistant to add relevant keywords to your content

Add our site as project to get full seo audit report on the site

There’s a fully working social media tracker for you to use

There’s a social media posting tool

You can monitor targeted brand mentions

The on page SEO checker gives details on what’s missing on your site

Keyword Research 

SEMrush offers a bunch of keyword research tools that are of great help. 

With the keyword research tools its easier than ever to find the most relevant keywords in your niche you want to rank for.

You can find the best keywords for SEO campaigns as well. SEMrush helps you find the right keywords to propel your PPC campaigns.

Enter the target keyword inside SEMrush to get an estimate of the keyword statistics. You get to see its monthly search volume, the number of results on the SERPs, cpc of keywords, their competition and plan the strategy accordingly.

You also see a number of long tail keywords that are relevant to the query.

The keyword magic tool gives you hundreds of keyword suggestions that are most relevant to your campaign and generates more than 2 million keyword ideas for you to use.

Group these keywords by topic with the keyword grouper tool and choose to save the best ones.

I use a number of tools for backlink analysis and keyword research. SEMrush made me feel that I don’t need yet another tool to do my research. I use the tool every day. And with time the tool is getting better and better at each and every keyword research aspect.

With SEMrush you can find all the strategies you need to outrank your competitors on the SERPs.

Use the tool to research by typing competitor domain name into the organic research bar. See all the keywords they rank for. This is the opportunity you are looking for to outrank your competitors in the SERPs with relative ease.

You can use the opportunity to discover new and fresh competitors to target and also see the changes in domains.

SEO Writing Assistant 

SEMrush’s seo writing assistant tool gives you opportunities to add relevant keywords to your content and optimize it for relevant content. It makes sure that the content is readable and accessible to both search engines and to visitors alike.

With the inbuilt plagiarism checking tool its easy for you to estimate if the content was copied from anywhere else.

The feature can be used with the help of a WordPress plugin or a Google docs addon from SEMrush.

On page seo audit tool

With the on-page SEO audit feature, analyze the site’s on page SEO factors. This lets you spot issues quite easily and allows you to fix all these issues. The tool gives the site a health check and points out any and all issues.

The issues are listed by order of priority and you can get to see which problems need to be fixed urgently.

With the tool 

Optimize the links on the page

Add missing tags

Optimize titles and meta descriptions

Add html tags

Check and correct broken images

Detect error pages

Find and remove duplicate content

Do https checks

Use the backlink checker to analyze links

SEMRush’s backlink checker is one of the best in the industry that gives you a bird’s eye view of all the links pointing at a domain.

The backlink checker is a great tool to find out all the links, their geo location and the anchor texts these links use. You can perform a deep link analysis and compare inbound links with those of that of your competitor’s

You can also analyze competitor domains to find all the links they use to rank for and discover link building opportunities for yourself.

Check if the links coming to your site are follow or no follow. This helps you understand the ratio of follow and no follow links pointing at your domain. THe tool is useful to see where all the competitor domains followed links come from.

This helps you increase the number of follow links to your own site.

Social Media Tracking and Posting 

Another feature that separates SEMrush from Serpstat is the fact that you can also look into competitor’s social media marketing strategy and use that as a basis to grow your own blog. You can keep track of their mentions, performance on Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages.

&You can track the growth and ebb in the number of followers they have compared to competitors.