OptinMonster Alternatives 2021

OptinMonster is a fantastic lead generation tool you can use. Perhaps one of the best in the business.

Here are all the OptinMonster alternatives for 2021

#1. Thrive Leads – Better than OptinMonster

Thrive leads plugin

Thrive Leads is one of the best plugins you can use to build your email list quickly.

The plugin is something anyone would fall in love with.

Here’s a detailed section that shows you how the plugin compares to OptinMonster.

Thrive leads has all features that you might want. There’s no referral source optin form and popup scheduling feature.

Place the optin form inside the WordPress content footer or ribbon or screen filler. Use it as a scroll mat, lightbox or even on content upgrades.

Thrive leads also has the content locking feature where you can lock the content and reveal it only when the user subscribes to your email list.

A/b test the optin against each other and speeden your list building.

Thrive Leads also supports templates to choose from. There are ligthboxes, scroll mats, screen fillers and others.

Areas where Thrive Leads excel over OptinMonster

Thriveleads costs just $67 one time. You get free updates as well for life. For optinmonster the fee is $29 per month.

In thrive leads you can hide popups before users who have already subscribed.

The drag and drop builder limits your creativity. There are only a few elements available.

There’s the signup segue option that allows existing subscribers toregister or for a webinar with a single click.

Convert Pro – Better than OptinMonster

Convert Pro

Convert Pro is another best plugin to use.

This is a plugin from developers of Astra theme.

The features by Convert Pro are toe to toe with that of Thrive leads. Convert Pro comes with good drag and drop features that let you make customized forms.

Convert Pro Editor

Here’s the list of features you are going to love

There’s a fully working drag and drop editor

You can craft multi step calls to action

There are ready to use templates

Googel analytics integration

Exit intent popups

Single click popups

Slide in bars

After post inline ctas

Convert part

Page by page targeting

Adblock detect

Referrla location detect.

One unique feature that Convert Pro has referrer detection and adblock detection which are absent on Thrive Leads.

There’s asset delivery and integrated analytics missing. You need to connect GA to access analytics.

aLMOST  30% of desktop users use ad blockers and 15% of mobile users do so.

The plugin also works seamlessly well with landing page builders like elemntor, beaver builder and divi.

The UI is great and is one of the most refined OptinMonste alternatives.

#3. Ninja Popups – Best plugin for the price (comparable to OptinMonster)

Ninja popups

NinJa Popups is yet another plugin you can use for optin forms.

If your budget isn’t high you may prefer using Ninja Popups. There are tons of features compared to the low $25 you’re going to pay. Once you start using the plugin, you get an unlimined number of feature updates and also 6 months free support.

There’s an easy to use drag and drop builder wit which you build popups with ase.

There are over 60 popup templates to choose from and you will find it oddly satisfying.

To popups you can add 74 different animation effects. The lifetime pricing is just $25.

Along with this the plugin has content optin lockers, social lockers and stats.

The plugin appears when people are exiting, scrolling apage to a degree and after certain time.

There’s also the traffic bouncer feature which is similar to the 2 step optin form you see in Thrive leads.

There’s the recent addition of Traffic Bouncer feature which is similar to 2 step opti. With the feature the visitor can anser a yes or no question and the plugin offers them up for sign up to an email list.

Conduct a/b tests on pipups and see which ones tend to wrok best.

The integrations with various email software APIs are great.

#4. Icegram – Free and premium

Icegram popup plugin

Icegram has both a This is one of the best popup plugins you can use on your site and is constantly being developed.

You can use a variety of different optin forms ranging from popups to header and footer forms. The unique feature is you can display notifications for messages.

With slide in messengers you can display new content to visitors when they read and finish the blog post.

There are a number of themes you can use and edit your popups to stand out and as a result convert way better.

The plugin also finds itself integration with a number of email services. You can use the javascript API

The analytics of the poopups is easy to track and analyze with free addons.

The premium version offers a/b testing to test the messages in the popups and see which converts better.

The plus plan is priced at $9 per month. The pro plan at $97 annually.

Explore Icegram

#5. Bloom

Bloom Plugin

Bloom is a plugin from the Elegant themes guys.

The plugin stands next to Thrive Leads. However you need elegantthemes subscription to use the plugin.

The ,memebship costs $80 per year or you can get lifetime access for just $249 for all the themes and plugins on the site.

The popups can be triggered by scroll when a user has a reached a certain portion of the webpage.

The optin forms are also include wher eyio can place the optin form.

Enable content unlocking if a user subscribes to email list.

There are over 100 templates to choose from. Tis can be customzied with dtag and drp buioldder./

Alter the borders and edges as well. There are dozens of email marketing servie the piopups integaes wit.

Explore Bloom

#6. Sumo List Builder – Free and Pro

Sumo Plugin

SumoMw is a Wordpres app suite that you can use for a  number of different things.

It comes with a list building app, social sharing option and others.

You can get a number oifs subscribers using the plugin if you get less than 240 pageviews on your site daily. The free version has scroll and ribbnt popups,, exit intent popups, and more. You can time the boxes using exit intent, smart and scroll based popups.