Linkminer review 2021

You may have the best content but as you might have noticed, that doesn’t get you anywhere without links.

Links move the needle on rankings and take your site sky high. If you want the links that are moving the needle for your site you need to have an analysis of the links. This gives you lot of credible sources to get links from.

Here’s the link to sign up to linkminer.

When you understand how these links work, you win. The reliable strategy depends on having a good tool like Linkminer to unravel the links competitors are building to their own sites.

Linkminer is a linkchecking and analysis tool from Mangools.

What is LinkMiner?

With linkminer you see the new and olf links your competitor sites have to their sites. You uncover the strategy behind their link building and can do the same for your own site.

This gives plenty of opportunities for you to work.

Among other tools like Kwfinder, SERpwatcher, SErpchecker and site profiler this stands tall.

Here’s the link to sign up.

With the tool it becomes easy to understand what competitors are doing and share your own requirements with the analysis you are running.

This guide will help you uncover the details behind LinkMiner and how well you can use the tool to uncover competitor link building strategies.

You see their new and lost links and get a good look at anchors and backlinks.

What does the linkminer dashboard hold for you?

The features on Linkminer are too many. There are tools and apps to access these features. To go to the dashboard use this url

The dashboard is super easy to use and user friendly and easy for anyone to learn things and pay attention to what’s happening on the site.

Enter the url and click on find backlinks.

Here’s the link to sign up.

What backlinks can you analyze?

Add your domain or url and start searching. You can go for the root domain, the sub domain, the exact url or anything else for that matte.r

With that respect it’s similar to how Ahrefs separates the urls when it comes to analysis.

The root domain or is the most searched and will generate a list of all the backlinks to the domain.

If you want links to a particular url use for that particular domain alone.

Add your url and check the relevant options. Choosing all links shows you all the links built to the domain, the new links options shows just the latest links to the domain. Lost links shows how many links were removed

You can also choose the option for oen link per referring domain. Click onf ind backlinks button to discover more links.

Here’s the link to sign up.

3. Backlink Profile Analysis

When you add a domain and click on find domains you will get a links report and see whoever is linking to that page.

The number of links on the report and the clean interface makes it easy to understand wha’s going on.

On the top right you’re going to see all the tiny details of the domain. You get metrics like citation and trust flow.

  • You see the trust flow
  • Total number of referring ips and the active domains on the domain.

The left site totals the number of referring domains to the url. You also have fliters to get a more complete analysis of the url. You also see the complete view of the domain.

  • You get to see if the links are live or deleted
  • If hte links are follow or no follow
  • You can also use the search option to find links from a particular domain or site.

The more information the better it is. THe external links from the said url to other sites. Fb shares. The href path, The link anchor, the link strength and so on.

Sort the listing with the help of these metrics.You can pull any of these metrics to sort the backlinks and arrange them as you wish.

Here’s the link to sign up.

To get the list of the backlinks. Copy the urls. You can also see the website in the new tab or have an option to open the site within the site profiler and switch between mobile and desktop views if you so wish.

To get more links click on load more. To see more backlinks you can click on load more to see more number of links and they too will be analyzed by this.

Similarly, here’s the mobile website view of the same source URL.

If you want to take a preview and understand how and where the backlinks are placed on competitor sites this is a good place to do that. The url copy and anchors are all evident. You can look at the web page and see if there’s a chance to do a guest post and get a link from there.

You can check their pages and contact pages and see.

Backlinks Data Export

You can also export the backlinks as a csv file to get hold of the link profile offline.

Use the url or the domain and set the filters and set the export type and confirm the size of the file and start the process.

When you enter the domain you get all the options. There are two or three options listed in the export type file. You can also change the size from between 1000 to 50,000

Filter the backlinks as per links oer domain, by link rel and link stats.

Once you click on processing it will start and you will get an email once the file has finished processing.

You can export the data or copy the file to clipboard from the search dashboard.

Use the export feature.


Here’s the link to sign up.We can only save backlinks and find them in the favorites section.

Here are more details around that. Access the saved list on the favorites section.

The list is named after the domain or the url and there’s no difficulty faced in navigating around the list

Use the search history

Probably one of those features that I haven’t seen anywhere. You can get the past searches through the History on the site.

When you want access past searches this comes in handy especially for someone like me who likes to go back and access old files and reports.

There are several benefits with LinkMiner

  • The backlink report is much detailed and way more organized
  • The data management is easy and export is easy.
  • You can see the site in both mobile and desktop view
  • The interface is easy to understand.

Linkminer pricing

As part of Mangools tools you can’t have one alone without the other.

However the entire suite of tools is great and one that you will find to be extremely useful. It’s also an affordable seo tool.

  • The mangools basic plan starts at $29.90 per month
  • The mangools premium plan starts at $39.9 per month
  • The mangools agency plan starts at $79.9 per month