Link Whisper Review

What is Link Whisper


Link Whisper is a pluigin powered by artificial intelligence that autoamtes internal link building for you.

With the initial set up the plugin scans the entire blog and every time you add a new blog post. When the scan’s done you get suggestions for blog posts to use as internal links.

Link whisper suggests new posts that can have internal links.

You also get anchor text suggestions that you can readily use.


Checkbox beside sentences lets you choose and add a relevant link to the post.

The anchor text is fully customizable and clicking on the box you can add or delete words to your liking.


Features of Link Whisper

Here are the features that automate internal link building work for you.

1. AI-Powered Internal Link Suggestion

One of the smartest features that the tool offers is AI powered automatic link suggestion. The suggestions aren’t random or way off the mark. Link whisper can make short work of suggesting new links for your blog posts.

The algorithm analyzes blog posts when you begin writing. All suggestions are displayed in real-time. Adding links is simple as well.

When you isntall and activate the pluigin, it scans the blog ready with link suggestions. Scans then occur at regular intervals.

2. Link Reporting

Link whisper additionally lets you see how many internal linsk there are available to each post. Link whisper gives you a tally of the total number of inbound links to the article and the number of outbound links on the article.

Click on the link whisper icon on the wordpress sidebar to choose from the reports.

  1. The report gives you an idea of inbound internal links
  2. Outbound internal links Outbound external links

Inbound links are links to any article on the site from within the site.

Outbound links are those going to another domain. Pretty links and thirty affiliate creates those links.

Outbound external links are internal links pointing to an external site on a different domain.

3. Add Internal Links in Bulk

With the link whisper plugin you also get to add those internal links in bulk.

Go to the reports dashboard and click on add link. You see a list of all the blog posts that have relevant content to which you can add internal links.

Click on the checkbox beside these posts and hit save. Internal links get added.

To add or remove a word from the suggested anchor click on the word in the sentence.

It makes it quite easy to add internal links to new blog posts with this tool.

It’s a plug and play and you don’t have any configuration setup. You can install and scan the blog posts for 5 minutes when you get smart link suggestions.

You may have thousands of blog posts and it can be 5 to 10 minutes to the scan competition. It will run all other scans in thebackgourn.d

The suggestions are not limited to blog posts alone. It’s available for the pages and attachments as well.


You can also set the plugin to ignore a certain set of words. Words should be included from the anchors list.

Auto Link

Auto link feature is where you can automated internal and external link building.

It adds an option to automatically link to aurl whenever a specific keyword is used in the blog post.

  • You can add one link per post
  • Don’t add link if the post already links to it.

This is a nice way to never have to think about internal link building. This saves a bunch of your time. You can also add rel= tags in the auto links. This is great for affiliate links.

Target Keyword

The update from Link Whisper lets you add target keywords for different blog posts and for pages.

You can choose a target keyword for a blog posts and you can aim for that to rank on Google sertps. Link whisper gets the hint that this is the keyword you want search engines to rank yo for, the plugin displays a number of internal link suggestions for you to choose form.

These suggestions will ensure that the interal links you buiold links from have greater authority.

Link whisper can also integrate with the search console to get a list of keywords you already rank for. The keywords you’reranking high on serps will be taken into care by Link whispers.

Choose to add internla links with these keywords to get better rankings. This is what we need.

You also see the ctr the option, impressions and clisk data for the keywords.

What Happens If You Remove The Link Whisper Plugin?

The links still stay.



Link whisper is a premium plugi  No trial or freee verisons.

Thre are are three plans. The pricing starts at $77 per year. If you have more than a site chose the $107 per year plan. The $157 year plan is for 10 itees.

The pricing might seem high but its links building without worrying aobnu ti that gives a lot for the money.