A foot fetish may not entirely be a bad thing. This is especially true if you can make money with it while at it.

How to Sell Feet Pics for Free?

Be it someone new or experienced, both need to understand and complete a few steps before you start selling feet pics for free. Starting from the registration process to everything else, these steps are essential and help you complete the task at hand.

– Account Opening

To start selling images of your feet and toes, the first step is to open an account. An account gives you access to a dashboard to trade, market your wares and manage any of all transactions in and around your business. As a seller, sellers can only sign up for accounts when they agree to terms and conditions of a particular site, And sellers shouldn’t offer themselves up for other services and should only be selling foot pics and videos of their feet.

When creating an account you choose a username, number, email address, IP address and a picture of you holding your ID to verify your age and identity.

Once sellers are clear of registration and verification, within 24 hours you get a notification approving your account.

– Choosing Subscription

Once you create your account and give your credentials, the next step involves choosing a subscription plan to sell feet pics. The structure of plan includes basic, business and premium.

Once you finish creating an account and providing your required credentials, the next step involves choosing a particular subscription plan to sell feet pics for free. The structure of the plan might differ from website to website. Although there can be various plans including, basic, business, and premium.

If you created your account on FeetFinder which happens to be one of the best sites for selling ffet pics you can subscription fees divided into two plans the basic plan and the premium plan.

For example, if you have created your account on the FeetFinder website, one of the best platforms to sell feet pics for free. So on this website seller’s subscription fees are divided into 2 main plans, the Basic Plan and the Premium Plan. Wherein the cost of basic membership is subdivided into three installations:

● $4.99 per month

● $14.99 per year

● $40 for Lifetime Subscription.

On the premium plan

● $14.99 per month

● $29.99 per year

● $80 for Lifetime Subscription.

As sellers you need either one of the basic or premium plans to access permissions and sell feet pictures online.

– Uploading Content

Selling beautiful feet pics is one of the core evolutions from internet. All you beed to do is upload high quality photos of your feet and toes.

Sellers can use props, culture, accessories, heels, flat sandals, soft surfaces and anything else you can think of. A beachwalk, a barefoot walk, grass walk etc. can be other creative ideas. You can also add meta keywords to boost sales your wares.

– Providing Customer Service

Customer service is an essential and important aspect of that what determines the growth of your business. So you need to be careful when serving your buyers. That means being extra careful when dealing with customers. You must create trust and connnection and the way you build these here is similar to how to build that in the outside world. Sellers in the foot fetish world can build a strong following by communicating politely. You have a user friendly interface.

Customer Service plays a crucial role in each business as it decides the growth of the business. So you need to be very careful while serving your buyers with customer service. The strong trust and connection on the internet are completely built on the way people communicate and deal with their clients.

If someone requests for custom personalized work, you can choose to send a custom quote for the same.

S Receiving Payouts

ISellers must work with payment first when dealing with customers to avoid problems later. This removes risk and doesn’t delay payment from the clients end. Sellers can also optimize rules on their profile so that anyone who customers to the account gets clear on rules . However that doesn’t limit the potential for baseless conversations. However it is strongly suggested that sellers must create a rule of first payment when dealing with their customers on the Internet. To avoid any potential risk and problems including delaying payment by your buyers, receiving half the amount instead of full, etc.

Sellers can optimize some good rules on their profile so that any customer who comes to your account gets cleared about the rules rather than wasting the seller’s time on useless conversations. Sellers can expect their payouts from trusted finance partners.

Now that the basics of creating a profile and selling your feet pics online is out of the way now. Let’s go ahead and talk about the platform that we have discussed the essential steps to how to sell feet pics for free on any platforms on the internet. Now it’s time to explore the best foot-selling website on the internet.

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Where to Sell Feet Pics for Free? 20+ Best Websites to Sell Feet Pics For Free

With, time and skills can be converted to money. Photography is a great big way to convert to a source of incomes. You can sell foot photography and earn 1000 or more a week. Here are platforms to figure out where to sell feet pics online:

When it comes to earning money, many ways and skills can earn you dollars. Likewise, photography is one of the best ways to generate a second source of income. Sellers can sell foot photography and can earn $1000 in a week. Here are the best platforms for those who wonder where to sell feet pics for free.

1. FeetFinder

FeetFinder is a great place to sell feet pics perhaps one of the best places. The website has large number of customers interested in purchasing foot pics and videos. Features include safety and security, third party firewalls, secure payments and more. Sellsers can explore FeetFinder reviews by visiting the official link

FeetFinder has a large database of customers interested in this and provides a marketplace with security features firewalls and a secure platform to access payments.

2. Sellfeetpics.com

Sellfeetpics.com is a sister concern by FeetFinder team. You can sell feet pics for free and that’s why feetfinder and sellfeetpics.com community merged.

3. Feet-pics.com

Feet-pics is another great place and the services and its nature are quite similar with what you may find on FeedDFinder. You can usea  third party firewall to protect your data.

you a legitimate place to sell feet pics without getting scammed.

4. Snapchat

All social media providers all of us platform to sell anything

The market of social media has been involved in the leading business of many success stories. Similarly, sellers can sell feet photos for free on Snapchat. The platform offers numerous features around feet related themes. Snapchat provides sellers with filters, live stories anc this platform offers a variety of functions that can help you to create superb feet themes. Snapchat provides sellers with filters, live stories, etc. Sellers can use various filters on their feet pics and make them more attractive.

5. Tiktok

Are you aware that apart from making reels on Tik Tok you can now sell feet pics for free? Yes, this app is one of the best apps to sell images of feet and toes. TikTok provides sellers with a large size of videos uploading to 15 seconds duration. You can optimize this chance to showcase your retained feet images by creating a good reel and promoting it.

6. Facebook

Facebook is a social media app that lets you sell feet pics and gives you a marketing platform. You get control over activities, accounts, content , pricing and rules. Facebook has several billion users which means you get a limitless supply of leads.

7. Dollar Feet

Dollar Feet is a great platform for earning money by selling feet and toe pics. To start selling feet pics you as a seller must first fill out an application form. The seller needs to wait til the form gets approved. Once the credentials are ready you can start selling feet pics online. 

8. Kik

Kik is a mobile that you can use to sell feet pics without disclosing name or identity. Sellers can reach customers willing to pay for images. To sell feet pics for free on Kik post the original images of your feet with hashtags to avoid getting them stolen.

9. Whisper

Whisper one of the finest apps to sell feet pics for free it’s a software with filly functioning features offering you a high degree of anonymity while selling feet pics. However you cannot get paid via this platform so carry the transcations elsewhere.

10. Etsy

Etsy is great for selling used products computer chips art and more. You can also sell feet pics. You need to carry out a registration process and sell feet pics.

11. Craigslist

Craigslist is an app that is the online advert section for everything online. As such you can use Craigslist to sell feet pics and feet videos. You can post the listing for free there.

12. eBay

With an account on eBay you can sell feet pics. Sellers can create an account and make sales with original photos and videos of feet and toes and establish the business online. eBay offers a strong supply and security and can sell feet pics for free.

13. Reddit

Similar to Feetfinder, sellfeetpic.com, Reddit is an app that offers a stable place to sell feet pics. Reddit is lab intensive and if put the time you can make sales.

14. Instagram

If you want to monetize Instagram by selling feet and toe images, then Instagram is a social media app that can enable tis.

15. Wikifeet

Wikikfeet gives you a igh demand of selling feet pictures and you can appear before potential buyers for free.

16. Zazzle

Zazzle hosts plenty of digital content like mugs, shirts, balloons and stickers. As seller you can sell feet pics. Create an account to get started./

17. Foap

Foap is a photo selling app where sellers can sell feet pics for free. The platform boasts several million images and 3 million users. However its not entirely free in that you send 50% of sales as commission to them.

18. Feetify

Feetify is a platform for selling feet ocs.

You need to register with real sta.

19. All things worn

All Things Worn is a great place to sell feet pics for free. Sellers can also seel other products like underwear, pantyhose ashowes ocks and moe. Some sellers can offer shipping to places aswell.

for sellers, ensuring that only respectable users are a part of the platform


This post details top 20 best apps and sites where ou sell feet pics online. Let us know in the comments if you found anything useful.