Google itnroduced reverse image search in 2011 letting people upload link or save picture and to do reverse image search.

But while the process is easy on desktop the same thing can be quite complex on mobile phots.

iPhone, Android phone, or PC:


1. Open safari on your phone and visit

2. Go to the AA icon on the address bar and go request desktop site

3.Click on the camera icon in the Google search bar

  • To easily search using a link enter the image url in the text box and click enter
  • To search with downloaded image, click on upload a file and choose the right picture.

Here\s to search with an image using Google app for iPhone.

Here are the steps:

1. Download the Google app from your App Store.

2. Open the Google app and click on the Camera icon in the search bar. 

3. If you want to reverse search a live object click on the camera icon. Select ok when asked

For permissions to access the camera

4. Place the object in viewfinder and tap the shutter button. Google diosplays all similar images and websites using the picture.

5. tO SEARCH with downloaded image tap the blue allow access button and select allow access to all photos.

6. Choose the exact image from the camera roll to reverse search



1. Open Google chrome browser app opn the phone and click the camera icon to pop[up the search image box

2. To identifya live object tap on the camera again. When asked for p[ersmission select opencamera

And then go to while using the google app


3. GHold the object in the viewfinder and click the shutter button.

4. If you want rto search with saved image tap on the image icon next to the shuter buton.


5. Choose allow access and then allow to open the gallery./ Tap on any image to begin reverse search

Google Lens -Once this step is over do image search with Google lens. The google lens icon will become available via the camera button on the homepage in google chrome./


  1. Open the internet browser and visit

.Click on camera icon for the search image box


3. Drag or upload image file from folders or paste the image link and click on search.

You can also conduct reverse search for a picture on Google search.

1. Open and enter a keyword

2. Click on a picture you want to enlarge and tap the viewfinder icon on bottom left corner.

If you are learning perverse image search searching to find media and similar images you can also look at sites offering free photos for blogs


Google image search might take the lead here but you can also use Bing image search and other search engines like Duck duck go

Here are best altenaives.


Microsoft Bing has reverse image search feature called the 

Visual search that allows you to backgtrack products and dover landimarks solve rpbollems

Here’s how to use bing’s viala search engine on the phone or PC

Open browser and go to
Click viewfinder icon in searhc bar

For smartphone foolow these swtpes

3. Select Allow when it asks permission to access your camera.

4. To scan lie object hold in viewfinder or snap ocurures using the shutter button

5.To analuze saved image upload by tapping the image icon beside shutter button.

If you’re using a PC, follow these steps:

1. Drag a picture from files or upload using browse link

2.To rever se searhc na image click on paste image orURL

3. To inspect live ojbetcrfom webcam tpa on take photo button and snap photos


Reversee is another tool that makes reverse image search a breeze.

Powerd by Google images it can analzye sites nad even math solutions from pictures

Get reverse for 3.99 and 2additonal search engine too

(Bing and Yandex) as well.

To use reverse for reverse image searching:

1.Download erversef oir ios or android

2.Open the app from home screena nd tap choopse apucter

 Open the app from your home screen and tap on Choose a Picture.

3. Delect image from gallery and click on search button from top right corner.

4. Tp scan copied image tap the past ebutotn on main screen and click on search.


CamFind is a great option for idnivudals who prefer visual search with cameras on their phone. Cliodusight tool is accurate than Google and Bing.

When scanning QR codes discounts or landmarks Camfind give syou precise match for similar images

1. Add Camfind on the iOS or android app

2. Open the app and allow access to location and camera.


3. Place an objet in viewfinder and press shutter button to take pictures

4. To scan download images click image icon next to shutter button and open the camera rolol