When it comes to enjoying success in the field of podcasting, what it essentially boils down to among other things is how good you’re as a host.

So here’s my list of tips and tricks to be successful as a podcast host and get things moving in your favor.

Of the dozens of podcast hosts that you have encountered who made the most impact? Do you listen to someone just because the content seems good? Or is it because their personality oozes through them. They’re just themselves, honest unabashedly so and that makes you root for them. 

So that’s the first tip.

Being yourself

Instead of mimicking others, as a host what you should actually strive towards is channel the energy and creativity into developing your own voice. And it’s not too hard. Just speak about passionate topics in an enthusiastic manner. That’s all you need to do to be successful.

Be real Being real doesn’t mean being square in the face telling others about how they are wrong. Instead do it without bitching, without complaining and by being authentic in the most real way possible.

This is an excellent way to engage audiences across channels and mediums.

Prepare: In the race to be authentic a lot of podcast hosts sacrifice quality. They feel that being authentic and talking impromptu are one and the same. That’s not true at all. I cannot overstate the importance of this. But being prepared is the best thing you can do for your podcast blog.

You have to research your guest so that you can ask interesting questions and sound engaging to your audience online. Talk about how the story relates to the topic and how you can brush up on audience pain points and other similar attributes.

Allow your guest to be vulnerable: Relax your guests. Set the stage for gleaning answers to them. There may be difficult to approach topics and the best thing you can do is ease your guests into these topics. Ask them to tell their story and listen by being quiet when they do so.

Practice even more.

It’s possible you don’t get anywhere with your podcasting. Sometimes you may feel discouraged and not wish to give it another go. But it all boils down to practicing and getting things straight.

Six or seven episodes later you will feel a bit more like you. You will get a chance at preparation and with few installments and training you will improve every bit of you.

Also don’t be way too professional. It might seem like a bad advice if I tell you its ok for you to not edit every single mistake and slip up from your recording.

People actually like the part where you’re human, where you make mistakes. The little imperfectness is a great way to showcase your humanity as a brand.

Don’t fill your head with what you ought to ask next because then you wouldn’t be listening to what the guest is saying.

Often guests can scroll of the specifics and go for vague ideas that don’t help anyone.

This scenario plays out with zero winners, not you, not the guest not your audience. No one.

Finally don’t sound scripted. Yes there are parts of the show where you have no choice where you read the bit from the sponsor, where you highlight the questions. And it’s easy to fall into the trap of routine with monotony filling your voice.

If people get a sense of that in every episode their interest wears off. You don’t want to be happening with sponsor messages. So, keep things entertaining to say the least.

Do voice modulation exercises that will help you say the most boring things in the most entertaining of ways. Your audience will pick on that and sway with the level of comfort you;re in.

Being a Good Podcast Host Requires a Sense of Hospitality

A good podcast host is hospitable. Think of the last time you went to a dinner. Was the host amiable. Fun? If not, would you visit again? The chances are slim. And you know why?

Geniality and amiability is what we live for.

That’s the secret to a good host. He maintains a good decorum, makes all parties feel at ease and delivers an experience that’s engaging and exhilarating at the same time.