Before going into the details on the discount, let’s first look at several features of Grammarly that differentiate the tool from the rest.

Grammarly extension that comes with Chrome is something I used for several years together before making the switch to the premium version.

For basic editing the free chrome extension isn’t something I can do without.

Simply put, the tool whether premium or free hunts for grammatical errors and helps you fix them. Grammarly is one of the better tools in the market and its abilities go beyond Microsoft Word’s simplistic approach to fixing grammar mistakes.

But why should you choose the premium version instead of the free plan. The premium account is much more advanced and goes beyond simple sentence suggests. It goes beyond punctuation and the oxford comma.

You can turn so dependent on the tool that you might feel you don’t want to live without it.

The account is worth the investment should you choose to edit and correct grammar mistakes while improving your writing style. It takes away the hassle of having to read your work sentence by sentence to catch the culprits. And even with that, there’s plenty of room for error. With Grammarly you’re purchasing peace of mind.

What exactly does the premium account cover? 

If you’re copy pasting rich text with formatting grammarly allows for that. In addition Grammarly has a module that understands the tone of writing. Fiction writers may employ slang and its important the tool doesn’t spurt out too many errors for sentences that are otherwise correct in the context. You get performance score based on the writing. There are advanced writing tools.

There’s also clarity detection and basic correctness checking for your writing.

  • Consistency checker that draws insights from what you wrote so far.

Save Money With This Grammarly Coupon

With the grammarly coupon and discount you get with this post you can get a sizeable discount on your monthly subscription. With the 29.95 account you get 400 checks per month and free features along with a plagiarism checker.

I know that you as a blogger and writer are budget constrained and that’s where the magic of quarterly and annual plans come in.

  • Annual plan: $11.66 per month
  • Quarterly plan: $19.98 per month
  • Monthly Plan: $29.95 per month

With the annual subscription instead of the monthly payment you stand to gain a lot. For those who aren’t able to make a year’s payment in advance there’s also the quarterly payment option.

With the partnership I scored with them you get a further 20% discount off monthly quarterly or annual premium plans which makes the deal even sweeter for you.

Home page of Gramarly

Be it a student or anyone else, the coupon works equally well for everyone involved.

You get a student discount. I would also suggest that you start your journey with the free plan using the freely available chrome extension and then if see it as great for you day to day use move to the premium plan.

Use the tool to fix spelling and grammar.

If you want to enjoy the perks of the premium account sign up for the offer below. Getting started is easy.

How to use the 20% Off Special Offer

Once you have clicked through the discount link, enter your name and email address.

After signing up for the coupon, you’ll receive an email from me that looks something like this…

Once you have subscribed you will get a confirmation email. On that click on the big blue cta that tells you confirm your subscription. Once done you will be promoted to either sign up or login

If that doesn’t appeal you go to on your browser and click on the go premium button at the top. Once you do that you will get redirected to a new page where you will be asked to install the grammarly chrome extension. If you don’t have it, this is where you install the plugin.

A new window pops up next where you’re asked to enter your details to create a new account.

Once that is done the next step is to customize the grammarly account.

To customize choose the most relevant options for your account. With subscription options you can also level up to the premium account should you so choose.

Once you have chosen the regular price you will get a 20% special offer to subscribe to the premium plans at a discount.

Choose a plan and fill in your payment information

A subscription of your choice and a payment info later you have access to the premium account to start editing and checking grammar.

There’s also the grammarly handbook for grammar and punctuation that helps you study and arrive at the correct spelling style and technique.

Ready to Become a Better Writer?

The grammar checking tool is a boon for writers and students in all walks of life. Whether you have ample experience with the subject or want to fix grammatical mistakes and spelling errors, Grammarly is the tool of choice.