If you earn an income from Amazon and want to improve that income without any extra work. Here’s the post for you.

A crucial aspect of amazon affiliate program is for you to earn more without lifting a finger.

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Did you know the Amazon Associates program is country-specific?

This is one factor most newbies & intermediate Amazon affiliates don’t know. They end up leaving a lot of money on the table. Well, today I will show you exactly how you can take advantage of new technology to start earning more from the Amazon Associates program.

Most Amazon affiliate partners do not know this:

Amazon doesn’t pay for a sale made on stores in a different cuntry than what you signed up for. Call it link localization or global linking. 

Here are the countries with country specific amazon associates profile

How To Start Using Geni.us for Optimizing Amazon Earnings:

The concept with Geni.us is great for anyone who wants to get started affiliate marketing. It really ios simple to get onboarded. Once you create a trail account you can get gping.

Connect Affiliate Program

You need to copy paste the amazon affiliate link to geni.us to auto detect the country you signed up for in amazon affiliate.

Note: Copy the affiliate URL from address bar and paste it in the screen. It auto detects location and cross checks before clicking on connect this program.

Adding iTunes Affiliate Program

To connect iTUnes affiliate program you only need to copy past the tokle from the phg account

I’m not utilizing the iTunes affiliate program via Geni.us at this moment.

Creating Your First Link

Click on links tab and paste the affiliate link

Integrating Geni.us with Your Website

You can have many ways to integrate the geni.us link on your site.

  • Javascript method:

This is the the easiest method of the list. Just add a few lines of code below <head> tag

In Google taqg manager and you are set

If you have many sites take advantage of Google Word{ress Plugin

If you are a wordpress plugger there’s gen.us amazon pl;ugin. Create an ap[i key from the gen.us account and confire wordspess with that eky

Download the Geni.us Amazon WordPress plugin

Chrome Add-on

They also have a Chrome Add-on which lets you create the Geni.us link directly from the product page. This is really useful when you don’t want to use any Javacrip or wordpress plugin


In below screenshot you can see the earnings report from the Amazon U.K. Associates program.

Note: Ignore the amounts as we only promote a few products from Amazon.


Geni.us Pricing:

The pricing of Geni.us is pretty simple as you only need to pay based on the number of clicks.

You can try for free with unlimited clicks for 14 days.

Geni.us is a tool that amazon affiliates should use. Aside from affiliate marketing there are various other purposes where you can send users to different pages.

There4 are multiple practical applications. The alternative to Geni.us for amazon associates is a WordPress plugin called AAWP. Give Geni.us a shot and let us know in the comments below as to what you think of the same.